50 Foolproof Ways To Market Your Law Firm

Marketing your law firm can seem difficult for a number of reasons. First, you need to have the time. Second, there is the money. Third, you need to find the methods to market it in the first place. There are many methods that lawyers have found to market their practices that are cost-effective and take little time through the utilization of professionals. There are also ways to market your business yourself that require just a little bit of your time. Combine professional services with your own marketing efforts and you have foolproof and powerful ways to get the word out about your practice.

Here are 50 of those ways to get you started:

1. Have a professional design your law firm website. 2. Your local Chamber of Commerce will open you up to many

The Search War Heats Up: Microsoft Joins the Search War and Putting Law Firms On Alert

It’s a union that seems to be made in Cyber Heaven: Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook have joined together in hopes that Microsoft can give Google a run for their money with their Bing search engine. Bing has been gaining steam in recent times. Now, users can “like,” comment, and choose for their search engine activities to be posted on Facebook and Twitter. In other words, users are able to show their friends more of what they are doing on the Internet and this gives the social networks more information about what each of their users like so that they can better target advertising. It’s a win/win for all involved. Facebook does need such a winning situation since General Motors pulled as advertisers on the site. This amounted to a $10 million loss

Why Yellow Pages Are a Waste For Law Firms Marketing Their Practice

As a law firm, you have probably been solicited by the local Yellow Pages to list in the print version of their telephone book or on their website. If so, you have probably wrestled with whether or not listing in the online or offline versions of the Yellow Pages is what you need to do to promote the legal services that you offer. Know that if you have wondered, you are not alone. A lot of discussion has taken place online and within businesses as to what the true value of Yellow Page advertising is. In fact, you can do a simple Google search and find online conversations that have taken place. This can help shed even more light on

The Power Of The Online Press Release When Promoting Your Law Firm

Lawyers are always looking for ways to promote their law firms, making the online press release a very cost-effective tool to get a lot of attention. A press release that is well-developed and submitted to the proper outlets on the Internet can help your firm gain the recognition that it deserves through the traditional news media. Once published, your news release has the ability to show up in the news search results of Google News and will appear in search engine results. Your press release can also be linked to on your website, blogs, and many directories that will enable you to increase your credibility and your exposure. Basically with a press release, you are creating news. Other media outlets can take a press release and quote from it, refer to it,

Harnessing The Power Of Your Law Firm Website’s Contact Page

The whole point behind having a website is so potential clients can contact you. If that wasn’t the point, you’d be providing individuals with free information and that is it. Nothing else would happen. The whole reason behind providing the public with valuable information on the website is to show your legal expertise and to also show potential clients that you know what they’re going through and you can produce a strategy for them that can ultimately lead to the most favorable outcome. This text is put in place to let them know they can contact you and talk to you. It then informs them of how they can contact you. This is where your contact page

50 Ways To Market Your Law Firm

Here are 50 tips compiled by attorney Terry Berger of West­minster, Md. Many came from the ABA’s Solosez discussion group, which boasts more than 2,000 solo and small-firm lawyers as members. 1. Join your local chamber of commerce. It’s great for networking and community credibility. 2. Get a unique business card and hand it out freely. 3. Give a client or other nonlawyer contact at least two cards—one to keep and another to give away. 4. Give every employee his or her own business cards with name, title and e-mail address, along with the name of the law firm. People are more likely to hand out cards with their own names on them. 5. Offer to write an article for