Initial Consultation

We begin with each website design client by going through an extensive interview with our staff (over the phone or in person). We get an overview of your company and gain an understanding and appreciation for what your company does, how it’s doing, and the challenges you face. We then help define your goals with you. We then develop an effective proposal plan that we use to guide us through the process of developing your website’s brand and online marketing strategy.

Researching Your Business & Industry

We never jump into a web site design project for our clients without sufficient research. Without a web designer who conducts this research, problems can easily arise down the road. We begin by researching your industry and company background – building a picture and using our experience of the online market to put together a defined profile to ensure maximum results.

Website Mockup Phase

We typically deliver a mock-up of the new website 3-5 days after the proposal is signed. After reviewing the design we email to you, we schedule a time a day or two out, where we discuss your thoughts and input. We then take your feedback into account and rework the website mock-up and deliver to you for further review.

Coding & CMS Integration

A website design is nothing without proper coding that works for the major internet browsers and their older versions; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera to name a few. During this stage we will keep you updated of your website’s progress and its’ milestones.

We also integrate the content management system during this phase which might be a custom content management system (CMS), WordPress, Magento, or another depending on your unique situation.

Content Integration & Testing

Now for the good part – going live with your brand new website! With your site now coded and tested, we check for cross-browser compatibility of every element of the website. From graphics, text, navigation to flash we check every detail. We also integrate either content you provide or rough draft copy that our content writers provide which you can revise within your content management system (CMS).


Website Maintenance & The Future Relationship

When we finish a website, the relationship does not end there! We provide maintenance packages for a defined monthly rate or with an “as-needed basis”. Maintenance can involve anything from updates to page re-designs of certain elements of your site. An important stage is the monitoring of site visitors, and finding out whether you are hitting the right level of visitors you should be? Our site statistics analysis can determine this and help refine your site to maximize its potential.

Search Engine Optimization

We code each website project with search engine optimization in mind. We use validated XHTML/CSS and stick to the rules of SEO. This is something we do for each customer, however, search engine optimization is more than just a properly coded website but also involves link building and marketing your website online. We ensure basic SEO rules are adhered to with every project – but we can provide additional search engine optimization services to increase your ranking in competitive markets.