The Importance of Measuring Social Metrics

Social media marketing is a very popular thing because it gets results. If it is done the right way, people will respond. Social media gives businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience. Questions can be answered, information can be given in real-time, and customers can feel a bit closer to the business. At the same time, new customers can be acquired. But how do you know exactly how well your social media page is doing? Well, there are a number of metrics to track. This is actually one of the trickiest parts of social media marketing. These are numbers to look at in order to compare the increase in business or number of customers that are the direct result of social media activities. But why should you be concerned with metrics

Negative SEO and How to Stop it

Negative SEO is something that is becoming a concern among some web designers and website owners. Having a designer who knows how to identify negative SEO and stop it is very valuable. This is because negative SEO can bump a website down in the rankings, thus hurting their bottom line. It was thought to have recently happened to Expedia – Many of their pages fell down Google’s ranking because of negative SEO. The suspected reasons were that the online travel giant hired SEO professionals using old practices, Expedia didn’t get rid of links that were floating around due to old school link building practices from years ago, or someone launched a negative SEO campaign against them. So What Happened? After a thorough analysis of links that were linking into Expedia’s website, particularly

Beyond Blogging: WordPress For High Ranking Websites

WordPress web design has become rather popular in recent years. Some wonder why they choose a designer who uses WordPress over the many other design programs and platforms that are out on the Internet today. The answer is rather simple: The SEO The design options are attractive and when you have a great designer, it gets even better. However, search engine,s such as Google, don’t look at the design of a website. Yes, there are html tags and other elements that are evaluated, but those html tags have a lot to do with making sure the search engine is able to properly interpret the site. The appearance of the site is more or less for the visitor in order to keep them on a page. If a visitor has their choice between

How Changes in Content can Lead to Better Conversions

A well-designed website has an impact on the user experience, but so does the content on the page. There are so many factors that go into a quality website and it is imperative that all of those factors are taken into account. When they are, that is what makes a website powerful. But really, web design and all of the factors that go into a good website is an ongoing process and not a one-time thing. Here is an example: Let’s say we have a headline that says, “ABC Company Increases Revenues by 18%.” Changing that headline to “ABC Company Increases Medical Supply Revenue by 18%” can cause that page to experience an increase in hits and conversions. This is an example of how professional copywriting that is of a high quality can

Nearly Half of Companies Say Content Marketing and SEO are Highly Integrated

SEO is a big deal. It has been around for a while, it evolves, and web designers and SEOs have to evolve with it. At one time, content marketing and SEO strategies were considered two different entities. However, SEOs would use content marketing as a method of bringing traffic to a website. Now it turns out that organizations are very likely to integrate content marketing into their SEO strategies than they are with any other form of marketing. In fact, nearly half of companies say that their content marketing is highly integrated with their SEO strategies. This information comes from Econsultancy’s “State of Search Marketing Report 2013.” It is easy to see why content marketing is appealing to the masses because it gives something to talk about. It provides information. Instead of pushing

The Statistics are in: Social Media Marketing has an Audience

The statistics are in and they say that social media marketing does have a place. However, these statistics have to do more with Facebook than any of the other social media giants because of the demographics of Facebook’s audience. So for now, the focus is going to be on Facebook’s statistics and how the age demographic has created an environment for successful social media marketing. 10 Years of Growth Facebook is now 10 years old, which is rather ancient for a social media website. Actually, that is vintage compared to most digital services. Especially since technological change happens at a blistering pace. Nonetheless, a research study conducted by Pew underlined a core point: Facebook has managed to retain dominance despite its age in the social space. Research has found that 57% of all adults

Why Adding Video to Your Marketing Mix is Vital

Video is everywhere, so it is no secret that it is becoming a vital part of any content marketing strategy. 2013 was a great year for video. We saw the emergence of new video platforms, such as Instragram Video and Vine. They soared in popularity among customers of all ages very quickly because they make it very easy for a person to create a video and share it. Some of those videos went viral and received millions of hits. But the question at hand here is why video is so important to a marketing plan? First of all, marketers know that the business needs to be present in the same place as the audience or they are not going to get the exposure that they need to land the conversions they require to

10 Reasons Why You Need an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately that content marketing is the way to go because it is how you relay information and it is how search engines learn what your site is all about. What this means for your website is that your content has to be people friendly and it has to be Google friendly. It’s as simple as that. If content is not people or Google friendly, it won’t get the results that you need. Here are ten reasons why you need a solid and effective content marketing strategy:
  1. Trust in advertising is not great
Consumer trust in traditional media advertising has taken a downturn. Users do not like, nor do they trust sales messages. Content keeps it more subtle and informational rather than salesy.
  1. Quality lead generation

5 Website Issues that Professional Web Design Solves

For many businesses, their website is the central hub of their company. It is how individuals get most of their information. Basically, it is how a consumer decides whether or not to give a business their money. Unfortunately, there are some issues or mistakes that can hurt a website’s performance. What you want when someone comes to your website is to be engaged. You need it to be inviting so that the visitor wants to learn more. If the website design is all wrong, then they will leave and look for a site that is more inviting. This is where a professional web design service can come in and here are five issues that can be solved:
  1. Poor navigation
For some reason, navigation is not always made a priority, but

5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2014

For quite some time, social media has been “it” and that means social media marketing is as important as ever. Heading into 2014, there are some trends that are going to rule the roost in regards to how it is going to impact an ever changing audience. The following are some of these trends that are expected to grow in the New Year:
  1. Short videos that tell stories
If you frequent social media, then you have probably noticed that everyone is posting short videos or slideshows that tell a story. In an age where people want information and they want it now, short videos are the solution to those who do like to get information via video. Twitter’s Vine app or Instagram’s 15 second video are examples of how to do

Why WordPress Design is Still On Top

There are reasons why WordPress design is still preferred among businesses. First, it is easy to manage the content on the website. The designer or the business can go into the content management system and manage their content. That way if something changes and the content needs changed quickly, there are multiple ways to make that happen as soon as possible. However, that is not the only benefit of WordPress web design. In addition to easy content management, clients receive an attractive design that is highly functional, but there are a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) elements that are already built into WordPress. Where there are many websites on the Internet with coding errors that hurt their SEO efforts, WordPress eliminates a lot of those errors by giving web designers a

Google Quality Guidelines Crack Down on Unnatural Links

If you read over the Google Quality Guidelines, you will find that Google is seriously cracking down on unnatural links. Some webmasters and website owners are receiving notifications that there are unnatural links leading to their website and they are given a specific amount of time to fix the problem before it severely affects website ranking. But what is an unnatural link? Google defines an unnatural link as being links that are not editorially placed or vouched for by the owner of the website the links were placed on (such as links placed in the comment section of a random news story). Two of the most common reasons for unnatural links are when someone shares your website link on a page outside of your page’s niche or when site owners try to

Injecting Trust Into Your Website

Establishing trust with an online audience takes more than simply having a website. People look for clues that let them know they can trust a company when dealing with them online. Because a lot of business has moved from being in-person to the Internet, ensuring you do everything necessary to show the online world that they can rely on you is more important than ever. However, it starts with making yourself and your accomplishments seen. Spread Yourself Out Your website is your platform. It is where potential and existing customers learn about you. It is here where they can read testimonials and blog comments. It is where they learn about what you offer and how much experience you have. After visiting the website, they may look for you in social media to see the

Understanding the Marriage between SEO and PPC

The key to any successful SEO and SEM campaign is to utilize data to make the correct choices. It is important to combine and utilize data from both of these traffic-building practices to create a big picture so that you know what your next move needs to be. SEO and SEM are effective online marketing sectors and pay-per-click advertising can be integrated into them in order to help a website achieve the conversions that it is looking for. Once a PPC campaign is in place, even it generates data that needs to be evaluated so that the PPC advertising campaign can be fine-tuned to be highly effective. The Paid Ad Some website owners and even webmasters make the mistake of believing that PPC campaigns are going to work by themselves. They create

Why Google Plus is an Asset to Your Business

Google Plus (Google+) provides a multitude of benefits for individuals and companies looking to better optimize their websites and promote unique content for organic search. However, Google+ tends to be forgotten about when small-to-medium sized businesses start considering the use of social media or they wish to develop a content marketing strategy. If you have at least some knowledge of social media, you most likely know how to set up a profile page. You plug in your information in an appealing way and then you are done, right? Well, not exactly. Once you set up your page, you will have to do such things as generate sales leads and this is done by increasing traffic, which means you have to increase the general interest in your business. This is a social network that

Having A Mobile Strategy Can Be Profitable

Mobile is major right now and that is a fact that no one can dispute. In 2012, accessing the Internet from mobile phones was 12 times the amount of regular Internet usage that was had in the year 2000. Mobile is becoming so huge that every single day mobile users are making purchases from their phones. Every single month, 69% of tablet owners purchase something. Approximately 77% of smart phone users have researched a product or service on their phone with about half moving forward with the purchase. It is this that emphasizes the importance of mobile design. So why aren’t some businesses seeing a bigger return on their mobile efforts? It is because they are doing it all wrong. The design is wrong, the strategy is wrong, everything is wrong. For instance,

Proper Social Media Strategy Management Makes A Difference

We now live in an age of global communication, online connections, tablets, and smart phones. Because of this, the way businesses and customers interact is changing. With the degree of connectivity that exists, it is important to stay on top of these very valuable marketing tools and create a strategy that allows you to reach out to and engage your potential and existing customers. The Social Media Game Social media is one too to stay on top of. This is because it is now the “go to” for people of every demographic. Every single day, trends, news, and other information are passed through social media and that is why your business needs to get involved. It doesn’t matter if something is happening in the nation, the community, or around the world, social

Taking Advantage of Google’s Love for Fresh Content

For approximately the past year, Google has been on top of its game when it comes to displaying fresh content on its search engine results pages. Any good marketer is going to devise a way in which they can take advantage of this bias without risking being penalized. There are some facts that many of us know quite well, they are:
  • Ranking well on Google is important – Millions of websites are trying to get the attention of customers, but just building the website is not enough. To attract genuine traffic, you have to rank well.
  • Know what it takes to rank on Google – Search engine optimization can be complicated, especially when Google implements new updates. Many understand that using professional SEO services will ensure that websites and content are constructed

Unoptimized PPC Advertising Can Cost Big

Pay-per-click advertising is highly effective when done properly through Google and Facebook. However, the key is to making sure the ads are keyword optimized. Unoptimized or poorly optimized PPC advertising is taking a toll on the wallets of some business. Sure, it is easy to pick out some interests that people may have, choose a demographic, and narrow down your customer base a few other ways and add in a geographic component. The question is whether or not this is going to create any kind of relevancy? Another question is exactly how many people is this going to reach? Without ads being created through proper keyword and industry research, the ad may not be relevant at all and the number of people reached may not be many. Then again, the number of

Kassius Benson Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney

kbenson_mock_homeThe Law Offices of Kassius O. Benson, P.A. are committed to excellence in the trial and appellate defense of individuals charged with crimes in state and federal courts. We stand ready and able to defend and assert the rights of clients facing criminal charges. The Law Offices of Kassius O. Benson represent individuals charged with all levels of felony and misdemeanor charges. Kassius O. Benson is an experienced and highly trained criminal defense attorney. Mr. Benson is an excellent trial lawyer licensed to practice in the State of Minnesota; Washington, D.C.; multiple federal district courts throughout the country; the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Benson also teaches trial

Improving Business ROI Through Social Media Marketing

Minneapolis Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming a major part of most marketing plans, especially since there are billions of people around the world using social media to connect to friends, family, and businesses. When using social media to get the word out about your business, it is important to engage with customers and potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are becoming ways in which individuals can communicate with businesses in real-time and get answers to questions. This means that the business has to make sure the consumer is heard. In other words, the business is listening to their customer base through social media. Here is what this entails:
  • Interacting with the customer
  • Responding to customer feedback
  • Gathering information based on customer concerns and ideas
  • Demonstrating an appreciation for the customer
Doing these

The Facts about True Reputation Management

Reputation management is not simply the act of going online and writing reviews for review websites to push out the bad reviews. True reputation management is the act of pushing a business to the forefront so that it can receive the positive reaction and reviews that it deserves. Reputation management is something that has become widely misunderstood. Yes, it is true that the reputation of a business is going to have an impact on its bottom line, but how negativity is handled is what makes an impact. Every action goes hand-in-hand to retain clients so that the money keeps coming in and people remain employed. However, which online reputation management bandwagon a company jumps on depends on what they want. Of course, the goal is to seize control over search engine