Is Google+ Worth it for Attorneys?

Most people know that social networking is an important part of Internet marketing with Facebook and Twitter at the helm. However, Google announced in January 2013 that they had reached a user milestone of 343 million on G+. This is the equivalent to nearly 50 percent of Facebook’s active users, making it the second largest… Read more »

Pinterest Peeks Female Interest

Pinterest is a fairly new concept in the world of social media. Much like Facebook and Twitter, it allows people to connect through common interests and share their experiences, interests, etc. However, Pinterest is a more visual way to organize ideas and contents online that interest you. It allows you to click on images, phrases… Read more »

Optimizing Your Twitter Presence – Keeping It Real

Twitter is still a widely popular way to connect to potential customers and clients. However, it is not as easy to be found in the sea of millions of Twitter accounts as it was in the past. According to Twopchart, there are approximately 11 new accounts registered on Twitter every second and thus it can… Read more »

Improving Your Facebook Ad Revenue

There is no denying the importance of Facebook for companies these days. In the past five years Facebook ad revenue has continued to grow steadily with no signs of stopping. It seems silly not to hop on the bandwagon and get involved in this beneficial traffic. Choosing where to place your ads on Facebook is… Read more »

Staying ‘Above the Fold’ and Ahead of the Crowd

Often we hear clients asking that their most important content be at the top of the website so that clients do not have to scroll down in order to view their information. This is referred to as being ‘above the fold,’ an old newspaper term that describes how newspaper editors used to place the most… Read more »

How Google’s +1 Button Affects SEO

Since the days of Google Buzz, the +1 button has been a mystery to users and content producers alike. It’s different from Facebook’s “Like” button, in that it doesn’t directly share content to a user’s social stream. But the cultivation of a social graph has long been the goal of Google, and its connection to… Read more »

50 Foolproof Ways To Market Your Law Firm

Marketing your law firm can seem difficult for a number of reasons. First, you need to have the time. Second, there is the money. Third, you need to find the methods to market it in the first place. There are many methods that lawyers have found to market their practices that are cost-effective and take… Read more »

The Search War Heats Up: Microsoft Joins the Search War and Putting Law Firms On Alert

It’s a union that seems to be made in Cyber Heaven: Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook have joined together in hopes that Microsoft can give Google a run for their money with their Bing search engine. Bing has been gaining steam in recent times. Now, users can “like,” comment, and choose for their search engine activities… Read more »

50 Ways To Market Your Law Firm

Here are 50 tips compiled by attorney Terry Berger of West­minster, Md. Many came from the ABA’s Solosez discussion group, which boasts more than 2,000 solo and small-firm lawyers as members. 1. Join your local chamber of commerce. It’s great for networking and community credibility. 2. Get a unique business card and hand it out… Read more »

Create A Successful Business Website With These 5 Tips

There are many small businesses popping up because individuals are working toward achieving the dream of financial independence. These businesses are born out of hobbies or simply a strong desire to sell a specific type of product online or within their community. No matter the reason, it is difficult for a business to be successful… Read more »

Tips for Creating Medical Web Design

Medical websites have an element of complexity that other websites don’t. They must be professional in both design and language and contain elements that the typical website does not when constructing a medical website design. These are sites that are highly competitive, so everyone is fighting for top search engine result placement in order to… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Getting Traffic

Everyone who writes a blog anticipates a great deal of traffic coming to it. They have dreams for their blog, but it does not take long for those dreams to be crushed when it is seen no traffic is coming in. Here are reasons why a blog may not do so well in attracting readers:… Read more »

8 Tips for Great Dentist Website Design

Dental websites, just like any medical website, needs to be well organized. Dental web design is easy to understand. Services need to be easily seen, contact information needs to be visible, and various other pieces of valuable information have to be easily accessible. The site also has to be easy to find when a search… Read more »

Contractor Websites: Six Building Tips You Can’t Live Without

It is very important for construction companies to highlight the services that they provide, whether those services are interior or exterior construction, roofing, painting, or the works. When individuals in a specific geographic area are looking for a contractor that has the services, experience, and the prices to do the job that they need done,… Read more »