10 Reasons Why You Need an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately that content marketing is the way to go because it is how you relay information and it is how search engines learn what your site is all about. What this means for your website is that your content has to be people friendly and it has to be Google friendly. It’s as simple as that. If content is not people or Google friendly, it won’t get the results that you need.

Here are ten reasons why you need a solid and effective content marketing strategy:

  1. Trust in advertising is not great

Consumer trust in traditional media advertising has taken a downturn. Users do not like, nor do they trust sales messages. Content keeps it more subtle and informational rather than salesy.

  1. Quality lead generation

Giving people information versus a sales pitch will produce a following. Content also tends to focus on a more specific audience. This is a strategy called “narrowcasting” and it is effective.

  1. Fulfills the need for more information

People want to know everything. User behavior and technology changes all of the time, but the desire for information doesn’t. Content inspires, educates, and informs.

  1. The SEO factor

Content improves SEO hands down. You can provoke social sharing, link buzz, and much more when you have engaging content. All of this on top of keyword integration can give you an edge on the SEO front.

  1. Become a brand leader

Content can position you as a brand leader because of the valuable information that you are able to provide your audience. They will see that you know what you are talking about, so they will see that you know your brand and the industry.

  1. Consumer decision making

Content marketing allows you to influence decision makers even before they realize they have made up their mind. In a Roper Public Affairs study, 70% of decision makers said that quality content made them feel closer to the brand, and 60% said that they were able to make a more informed purchasing decision.

  1. Feed native advertising

Native advertising has a place in a social media newsfeed or a partner website as a suggested post. Content can feed this native advertising, which is important because native advertising drives audiences to the inventory of content. Basically, they feed each other.

  1. Return on investment

Your ROI is important, of course, and studies have shown that content marketing produces 3 times more leads than search engine marketing and costs less.

  1. Social media loves content marketing

Content as a part of your social media strategy is important. Without great content, your social media platforms don’t have a lot to stand on because people need something to follow or engage with.

  1. Consumers will love you

Good content keeps the consumer entertained, gives them the information that they are looking for, and makes them feel valued. If you keep it fresh through a blog or website, they will check back frequently.

As the saying goes, “Content is King” and that is because it possesses so many qualities that are important to a sound marketing strategy.