4 Tips To Having a Successful Law Firm Website

For a law firm site to be successful it has to be professional. This means that professional website design can get the job done. The site is one that requires a lot of care and consideration. It cannot be thrown together quickly or it could look like the competition’s or not possess the information that the website’s visitors are looking for.

What is required for a great website is dedication toward putting together the best site possible. Most of the time, the website is the first impression an individual has of a firm, so the presentation has to be perfect and that momentum must be maintained throughout the entire site in order to keep the visitor on the website.

The following are tips toward ensuring the website is one that will do its job by obtaining clients:

1. Personalization Is Important

The website has to be personal. It cannot look like another law firm’s site. It has to be unique and offer something that the rest do not. Information regarding firm history and experience should be available, as well as any track record that exists. Certain case scenarios can be highlighted so that visitors can see the great deal of strategy used in those cases. Even integrating audio, video, and a personal message from the attorneys to the visitor gives it the personal touch needed to bring about comfort and confidence in the firm.

2. Study The Competition

You want to know what your competition is up to so that you can ensure you are integrating elements into your website that they are not. When looking at their website, be critical and write down everything you know you can do better and ensure your website developer emphasizes those items so that visitors can see and feel the difference between your site and the other guys.

3. Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

Your website developer has a talent for turning your vision into reality, so don’t hold back on telling what you want. Be sure to specify the colors you want used, any slogans, the tone you wish the site to take, and what kind of information you want made available to the public. You also want to ensure any logos or graphics you wish to include are provided, as well as attorney biographies and any specific information that is important to you.

4. Content Is Everything

A good law firm website has a page dedicated to each practice area that describes what the practice area is, the law as it applies to it, and a call for action at the end that contains contact information. These pages are important because they contain keywords relevant to that practice area, which are the very words people type when they are searching for the services that your firm offers. You want to be one of the first, if not the first, firms they see pop up in the results. Most importantly, the pages give the visitors an idea of what their legal situation entails even before they sit down for that free consultation.

With these tips, you can easily convince a person to choose your firm. Your web developer will also make your contact information obvious for when the visitor decides to pick up the phone and call. The developer can also place a web form on each page, making contacting you even easier by giving the potential client less time to change their mind about making contact.