5 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Getting Traffic

Everyone who writes a blog anticipates a great deal of traffic coming to it. They have dreams for their blog, but it does not take long for those dreams to be crushed when it is seen no traffic is coming in. Here are reasons why a blog may not do so well in attracting readers:

1. Content Needs Work

Content is king on the Internet and every word has to reach the reader. The reader has to become hooked on what is in that blog. If something within the first few sentences doesn’t reel them in, they are going to leave.

2. Content Length Is Too Short

There is a lot of controversy regarding content length. While the average attention span of a reader is approximately 350 words, up to 500 does well to relay the information they are looking for. If anything is over 500 words, it needs to be very good content that is entertaining to read. The reason why the longer content may work well is because search engines like it because there is more space for certain keywords to be used.

3. Good Keywords Aren’t Used

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of placing keywords strategically within the text so that search engines, especially Google, will pick up the content and index it within their system. This indexing helps searchers looking for specific content to find it and bloggers want their content easy to find. Good SEO will make that happen. If it is difficult to get on to the first page of search engine results with one keyword, it is ideal to try another and to keep trying within the content until it happens.

4. Posting Schedule Is Out Of Whack

Establish a time to post so that subscribers can expect it. If it is once a week, post on the same day and as close to the same time as possible. This will keep traffic consistent and growing. Blogs that are updated daily, however, are those that bring in the most traffic and the most money.

5. Lacking Creativity

Don’t be afraid to be creative. There is no set method to generate traffic to the blog. There are so many creative ways to do so with good content and SEO. Make sure the blog is an interactive reading experience for the reader and you will have a long-term fan. Readers want to be drawn in and entertained, so give them exactly that.

6. Be Patient

You do have to be patient in that you cannot expect traffic to come immediately. Too many bloggers with potentially high performing blogs abandon their blogs prematurely because they are not seeing the traffic that they feel they should have. They’ve done a lot of work and they are making no money or very little. Keep writing and give it time because you may find that your efforts will pay off.