5 Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Law Firm Website

When people need legal help in a hurry, they turn to the Internet to find an attorney in their local area to evaluate their case. They want to find an attorney that offers the legal services that they need rather than have to call every firm in the area to see what kinds of cases they take on. A law firm website also allows potential clients to see what they can expect from an attorney, such as a free consultation or whether or not they charge on a contingency basis. And because most individuals turn to the Internet before they do a phone book, they want visible contact information.

A solid website is going to do the following:

  • Show people that they can find a solution to their legal situation
  • Highlight the experience of the attorney
  • Relay a degree of professionalism

When designing a law firm website, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Let Clients Know They Can Call For A Free Consultation

The goal is to have the website visitor inquire about legal services. It has to be very obvious on the page that a free consultation is offered because that is one of the first questions a visitor asks. This fact should be visible in a very prominent place on the website.

Clients will also scrutinize the website. They want to make sure it is easy to navigate so they can acquire the information they need quickly. So what you need is a website that has visually appealing graphics with a professional feel.

2. Clearly Relay Information

Each area of expertise needs to be explained clearly. This means having keyword-oriented content describing each area, such as relaying certain aspects of the law and why it is important that the visitor contact the firm to handle their legal matters. For example, a page about DUI needs to contain information regarding DUI law, the penalties, and what can be done in a DUI defense to create a desirable outcome. A call to action should be present at the end to encourage the visitor to make the call for the free consultation.

3. 5 Seconds And They’re Gone

If the visitor doesn’t “feel” the site within their first five seconds of being there, they will leave. The website can capture their attention by doing the following:

  • Showing that solutions can be achieved for their specific legal problem
  • Making it clear the geographic area that is served
  • Having clear contact information present, including a webform
  • What experience the practice has and biographies of the attorneys within it

4. Practice Area Focus

It is a necessity to focus on the different practice areas in detail because many website visitors want to know what those areas are and if they apply to them. They want an idea of how the attorney uses the law to protect their rights and find a solution to their problem.

5. Branding

The website must be consistent with the firm’s advertising materials. This means logos, colors, and any other themes should be used. Brand recognition is how the firm will gain clients. It is ideal for individuals to be able to recognize logos and other identifying features in any situation, whether they are out and about or at home on their computers.