5 Website Issues that Professional Web Design Solves

For many businesses, their website is the central hub of their company. It is how individuals get most of their information. Basically, it is how a consumer decides whether or not to give a business their money.

Unfortunately, there are some issues or mistakes that can hurt a website’s performance. What you want when someone comes to your website is to be engaged. You need it to be inviting so that the visitor wants to learn more. If the website design is all wrong, then they will leave and look for a site that is more inviting. This is where a professional web design service can come in and here are five issues that can be solved:

  1. Poor navigation

For some reason, navigation is not always made a priority, but visitors are unable to find everything they are looking for if the navigation is messy or confusing. In other words, a very frustrating experience is unintentionally created for the visitor. People visit a site for specific information. If they can’t find it, they will leave with an impression that the business isn’t organized.

The navigation structure should be seamless and easy to understand to the point the visitor stays on the site. The longer they stay, the more likely you are to get a sale or a lead.

  1. No calls to action

A clear call to action is needed. No, you don’t want your site’s content to be salesy because people don’t like to feel like they are being pushed into a purchase. Instead, a soft call to action that is integrated into the important information is what is going to get their attention. Calls to action can be images, texts, forms, and anything that makes it clear how the visitor can contact you or take action.

  1. Poor color and contrast

Color and contrast are not always high on the list of priorities, but this factors into the attractiveness of the site. The colors of the business are fine, but other colors may be needed to ensure the content is not hard to read. There are some websites on the Internet that are absolutely blinding and this can prompt a person to leave because everything is difficult to look at. Unfortunately, that means many sites have valuable content and/or products that are not being seen.

  1. Not enough content

Content is everything. If there is not enough, then it is going to be hard for visitors and search engines to determine what your site is all about. You need plenty of content and the content has to be structured well so the reader can follow it. The more relevant and valuable content you have, the more the search engines and the visitors are going to love your site. If you don’t have time to construct the content, professional copywriting can be a great asset.

  1. Too cluttered

It can be easy to want every important thing to be on the home page, but this can result in clutter. That’s what clear navigation and hyperlinks are for. If a site looks too cluttered, then it might push the visitor away. When they can’t make heads from tails as soon as the page loads, they will hit their browser’s back button in a heartbeat.

These issues can be avoided through professional web design. You still receive exactly what you want, but the website is laid out well and that the pathways to the most important information are clear.