67 Construction Company Blog Ideas

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Blogs Help Increase Web Traffic & Leads

Possibly the most difficult part of creating effective content is coming up with fresh new ideas for blog posts. Even the most talented and ambitious writers can struggle with coming up with new ideas.

But having high-quality blog posts on your construction website is critical to being found by potential customers. Since blogs are reported to increase website traffic by as much as six times and more than 80 percent of consumers trust a company more after reading custom content on their website, it’s clear that keeping updated, new content is a necessary part of your marketing efforts.

Necessary Blog Components

Before we get to a list of blog ideas, it’s important to address the important components of a blog post because even with the best ideas, if your blog posts don’t contain these must-haves, they will not be as likely to be read.

  • Compelling Title
  • Addresses a real concern/problem
  • Subheadings
  • Solution/education
  • Conclusion
  • Video/Photos
  • Lists

It’s also important that any information you include in your blog be backed up with research and knowledge. If you are a construction company that specializes in building new homes, include statistics and information beyond your expertise. Think of the challenges facing those looking to renovate or build a new home, and find out key statistics about those individuals.

Providing external links that support the information in your blog post increases your credibility.

Another critical aspect of content is to include information that is local. Nearly half of those searching Google are looking for local information and 97 percent of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else, according to Hubspot. So unless you are a national or international company, you will want to include specific information about your region.

Coming Up With Ideas

It’s frustrating to be sitting in front of your computer, poised to write the next blog post for your site but nothing is coming to you. Here are some ways you can come up with new ideas.

  • Look over some of your competitors’ websites to see what they are posting.
  • Read the comments posted on relevant blogs to see what customers are asking about.
  • Google “news” about your specific niche’.
  • Visit Soovle to get fresh ideas.
  • Check out Google Trends to see what’s popular.
  • Use inquiries from potential or existing customers. For example, if you had someone contact you and ask about a problem with their bathroom, write a post about that.
  • Visit Buzzsumo.

Whether a pen and paper or your cell phone, try to keep something near you that you can use to keep track of blog ideas that you come up with when you’re not near your computer. You never know when creativity may strike!

67 Construction Company Blog Ideas

Here is a list of blog ideas for construction companies. Depending on your area of expertise, you can change the keywords to suit your company.

  1. X Things To Ask Your Contractor Before Hiring
  2. How Much Will It Cost To Build Your New Home?
  3. Should You Buy or Build? X Things to Help You Decide
  4. How to Build A [insert object]
  5. How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing
  6. How to Unclog A Toilet/Drain
  7. How to Know When You Need A Plumber/Electrician/Mason/Etc.
  8. How to Calculate the Cost of Your Renovation
  9. Difference Between An Estimate and An Invoice
  10. How To Plan For Your Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations
  11. X Most Common Electrical/Plumbing Problems
  12. How To Negotiate With Your Building Contractor
  13. Ultimate Guide to Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations
  14. Building A [Insert topic]? X Surprising Things You May Not Know
  15. What Color Should You Paint Your [room]?
  16. X Things To Check Before Buying An Old Home
  17. Got Mold? Here’s What To Do
  18. X Flooring Options. Which Is Best For You?
  19. How To Know If Your Plumbing Is Outdated
  20. Replacing Your [Insert Item]? Avoid These Common Mistakes
  21. X Latest Trends in New Home Construction for [Year]
  22. X Benefits of [insert style] Home Construction
  23. X Tips to Prepare Your Pipes For [Season]
  24. X Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Cost Less Than [dollar amount]
  25. Increase Your Home’s Value With These Simple Remodels
  26. Is It Time to Repaint Your Home’s Exterior?
  27. Is Your Construction Project Taking Too Long? Here’s What You Can Do
  28. When Is It Time To Hire An Expert For Your Home Construction Projects?
  29. The Most Popular Designs/Challenges in [select region]
  30. X Equipment You’ll Need Before You Start Your Bathroom Remodel
  31. Understand the Zoning Codes For [select region] Before Building
  32. X Common Problems With Roofs/Plumbing/Electrical
  33. Is Metal Roofing A Good Choice For Your Project?
  34. X Ways to Cut Your Project Costs Without Cutting Quality
  35. X Things To Consider Before Building An Addition
  36. X Ways to Turn A Bedroom Into An Office
  37. Ultimate Guide To Replacing Your Ceiling
  38. How To Find The Best Contractor For Your [region] Project
  39. X Top DIY Projects For [season]
  40. How Long Will It Take To Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?
  41. Rebuild or Remodel? Here’s How to Choose
  42. How To Calculate The Cost of An Addition
  43. X Most Popular Deck Ideas This Year
  44. How To Create A Floor Plan
  45. X Low-Budget Home Improvement Ideas
  46. X Best Places to Buy Materials For Your [Region] DIY Project
  47. X Things You Can Do Yourself Before The Remodel Starts
  48. Should You Replace or Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets?
  49. X Ways You Can Save on Your Bathroom Remodel
  50. How To Ensure Your Addition/House Is Built to Code
  51. What Type of Flooring Is Best For Your Bathroom?
  52. Foundation Cracks: When To Hire An Expert
  53. How To Replace A Counter top
  54. Ultimate List of DIY Projects For Your [region] Home
  55. How Big Should Your New Addition Be?
  56. How to Build A Chimney In Your [region] Home
  57. How to Design an Outdoor Kitchen
  58. X Benefits of an Open Floor Plan
  59. Is Your Bathroom Too Small?
  60. X Tips To Create Space In Small Spaces
  61. X Causes For Low Water Pressure
  62. What To Expect When Removing A Wall
  63. X Easy DIY Projects That “Pop!”
  64. X Easiest Ways To Remove Old Wallpaper
  65. How To Soundproof A Room
  66. X Steps To A New Bathroom Floor
  67. X Things To Consider Before Hiring A Construction Company

Ultimately, your blog posts should answer questions that visitors have. Paying attention to your existing customers’ pain points can give you a wealth of more ideas to blog about. If you want help developing your online presence, contact us today, and we can help get you noticed.