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As a roofing company, it is incredibly important to build personal connections with your clients. You want them to be able to easily find your services and hire you, without any obstacles in the way.

With the help of SEO marketing, this is definitely doable. With the right strategy in place, you can ensure that customers have a consistent experience every time, and that is easy to engage and retain new audiences as they find you.

With a mixture of local SEO strategy and some on-the-ground practices, you can easily advertise your services and attract new clients without much difficulty. Here is what you need to know about SEO marketing for roofing companies:

1) Embrace local SEO

The first step is for establishing an SEO presence is to use local SEO to your advantage. Use your location to drive search results every time someone Googles the term ‘roofing company near me.’ Having a local SEO strategy ensures that you stay on top of the results when customers search for options and you are easily accessible. When they search for your company, they should be able to see key facts such as opening and closing times, contact information and location. The important thing to remember for local SEO is that it is not only derived from your website but from another very important source…

2) Claim your business on Google My Business

The source of Google’s local information about you? Your Google My Business profile. This is very customers are able to find all their information about you, and usually, this source is enough for them. It feeds information from a variety of places, but it will show you and your brand at the top of the map when someone clicks on your business listing. There is a panel below that has information about the listing which can be submitted by you including

  • services
  • contact details
  • business description
  • category
  • opening times

Other parts of the listing, such as the reviews are user-generated, so they are not in your control. Claiming your profile is the first step, keeping it up to date is the next. Having it accurate enables customers to easily click through and contact your business and they will not have to stray to other listings. You can claim your Google My Business profile here.

3) Have a mobile-friendly website

It is important to keep in mind that customers will not always access your website from their desktop. Chances are, they are on their phones, searching for the quickest option. Even if you show up in local search results, how do you keep them interested? In 2017 alone, 82% of US shoppers stated that they use a mobile device to shop online and this number has continued to see growth.

In this context, responsive website design is key. A mobile-friendly site enables customers to have a smooth experience and easily find the information they need about you. A non-responsive website usually sees higher rates of customer abandonment since it is impossible to use on a mobile device.

To start with, test your website out on your mobile device and see what the experience is like for the customer. Ask others around you to do the same on their mobile devices, and compare the feedback. Where are the gaps, and how you can improve responsiveness to ensure that customers are able to access information about you no matter what device they are on?

4) Have an active social media presence and offer discounts

Another way to boost your search engine results is to have an active social media presence. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or a combination thereof), don’t be afraid of engaging with audiences. Use it to discuss your services, promote discounts, and gauge customer feedback. You can boost your social media presence by offering occasional discounts that could simultaneously boost your visibility and engagement such as:

  • a discount for leaving a positive review on Facebook and/or Google
  • a discount for following
  • a discount for checking in to your location

These are just a few ideas, but don’t be afraid to get creative! You can also host giveaways and contests for an extra boost!

5) Don’t forget about offline marketing

Think of your social media and SEO strategy as one part of a whole. While they have their place, it is also important to keep a personal touch in your marketing efforts. Flyering door to door and asking for referrals are two strong offline marketing tools that can get results.

Use your flyers as a way to introduce yourself to a new neighborhood and be sure to remind your customers (gently) to refer you to others. You can keep the momentum going by offering your social media handles on flyers to give customers an extra insight into your brand, or offering discounts for first-time customers and referrals.

6) Run a PPC campaign

Pay-per-click can seem tricky initially, but once you get the hang of it, it gets results. Essentially, you place an ad on Google and every time it’s clicked, you pay a fee. So you bypass organic visits and in essence, buy visits to your sites.

You can bid on ad placement, such as being a sponsored link for keywords relating to your business (i.e. “roofing company). Each time someone clicks your sponsored link, the search engine will take a small fee – but you get top placement on search results, so it’s a tradeoff that is definitely worth trying.

More and more often when talking with client’s in the roofing industry in Minneapolis & St. Paul we’ve heard great success from using Google’s somewhat new Google Local Services (aka Google Guaranteed) program.

8) Use LinkedIn to source leads

Leads come from unlikely sources sometimes. To ensure that you are using your networks to the max. LinkedIn can be a great place to source new contacts and leads, and you can do this in a multitude of ways:

  • You could send cold messages out to people in your network (be careful though, as LinkedIn does impose a limit)
  • You can participate in industry groups
  • You can post thought leadership and share interesting articles

These are ways to not only drive potential customers to your page but also serve as a great icebreaker. Instead of cold-messaging a sales pitch, why not try something of value for the other person? They’re more likely to engage and are more amenable if they feel like a targeted advertisement.

9) Send out press releases

When you accomplish something, show it off. Releasing a press release every so often can be a good way to gain exposure, and have some content to post on social media. Plus, it helps drive more attention and new customers to your brand. Whether you are celebrating a company milestone, have just completed a big job, or introduce a new service, write a press release. Releasing it to local publications will help boost your visibility, but you can also use this as content to share on LinkedIn with potential new leads. Or you can use it on social media pages such as Facebook to drive more engagement and give customers a chance to learn more about your business.

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There are just some ways you can drive local SEO for your roofing business. To learn more about how SEO marketing and how it can help your company, contact us today. We have the right experience and expertise to help you craft an SEO strategy that drives customer retention and helps ensure that your business is attracting new customers effectively.