What Is The Deal With “Mankato”?


This is probably the most common question that we get.

Company founder Matt Peschong founded Mankato Web Design at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He was a 19 year old college student at the time working on his Business Marketing B.S. and would become the first of his family to achieve a college degree. During his time at the university he went in for a job interview at a telemarketing firm where an opportunity to return to his roots was proposed.

The person interviewing Matt asked about hobbies and interests. Mentioning having created websites since he was 10 years old, the interviewer asked Matt if he would be able to make him a website if he hired him. Matt happily agreed and started working at the telemarketing agency. They put together a local directory for the City of Mankato which sold advertising spots to local businesses.

Matt eventually went off on his own to form Mankato Web Design. Knowing Matt developed the directory, many of those local businesses who had advertised on the directory started to call Matt and ask him to help them with their marketing efforts. After countless local success stories, word started to spread to the Minneapolis & St. Paul area.

Over several years Matt went to college full time and worked much more than a full time job running his business – often sleeping at his office night after night. Matt eventually moved the company to the Minneapolis where it has been located at for several years.

So Why Still Mankato? Never forgetting his roots, Matt kept the company name to remind him always of his humble roots and beginnings to keep delivering personal one-on-one service with clients keeping direct communication and open availability. Many of these experiences can be viewed on the BBB A+ Rating and Reviews section.

As of 2015, the company now has offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, London and Liverpool.

Can You Convert My Existing Website To Responsive Design or Wordpress?

Yes! We can convert almost any website to a responsive design and/or a WordPress design website.

Can You Tell My Why My Website Doesn't Rank Well?

Yes! We can provide an analysis of your website, your competition, your historical link building and optimization history (even with other SEO experts) and provide a solution suited specifically to your business to increase traffic and rankings. Schedule a free consultation today by filling out our online form.

What Is The Cost?

What Will It Cost?

This is generally the first thing on most people’s minds. It can take a bit of education to learn that great websites cost more than a few hundred dollars. If you can find someone who will do it cheaply, do not expect results.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Quality will cost you and most businesses find it is better to get the job done right the first time then having to hire a second company to clean up the first company’s mess.

Your website is an investment. Your website, if done properly, can help you make over a hundred times what you put into it. Many businesses feel they can wait a few months or a year to save up before getting a truly beneficial website. The truth is that waiting that long is nothing more than potential income being lost. It is better to say “Can I afford not to have a website on the cutting edge?”

Read our blog article entitled “How Much Should You Pay For SEO Services

How Do I Know My Website Will Look Better?

We have been in business since 2006 and have completed over 1,000 website revamps. Our history and success is peace of mind that your project will be properly handled by a professional web design company.

Check out our website before & after page for several examples of websites we re-designed.

Why Should I Hire Mankato Web Design?

Our Top 10 Reasons To Hire Us is a great way to learn a bit more about us and what sets us apart from the competition.

How Do I Know My Website Will Perform Better?

The best way to hear the reputation of a website design and SEO company is to hear it from their former clients. We believe hand-written testimonials do not have near the power video testimonials can provide.

Also be sure to check out A+ BBB Rating with many reviews and our Google+ Places listing with many reviews and experiences.

Can You Meet With Me At My Place Of Business?

We provide estimates and proposals free of charge. We’ll have a representative come out to your place of business to learn about your goals, expectations, and clearly answer all your questions. We’ll help you make an educated decision in hiring the company you wish to work with.

What Is The Production Timeline?

Every project is unique. We want to speak with you and understand your needs, expectations, your industry and competition before we can give a realistic and honest answer.

We do not use templates. We create innovative, state of the art and custom website designs for our clients. Learn more about our step by step process common for most clients.

Do You Have Client Testimonials or References?

We also have video testimonials on our website.

Make sure to check out the many reviews and experiences on A+ BBB Rating and Google+ Places.

What About Domain Names, Hosting and Email?

We’ll help you register your domain name, hosting, and setup email accounts. We highly recommend having your business have direct control and ownership of these products through a third party to ensure security and true ownership of your website. Many web design companies require you to host these items through them. When you do this you jeopardize losing your website, domain and email accounts if your web design company goes out of business – or simply decides to take a week off.

How Can I Update My Website?

All of our website projects include a CMS (Content management system). This allows you to easily make text edits, insert photos, add documents, forms, galleries, and much more.

We provide the necessary training to educate you to run your website independently and not have to rely on your web designer for every small edit – thus, saving you money and giving you the control you have been looking for.

How Will You Help Me With My Business Goals?

When you decide to lose weight and begin a new diet you have a goal in mind, right?

Your web design and SEO team should have a goal in mind and help you achieve them. It is important to ask for references and testimonials. Your web designer should be able to help you set realistic goals.

Some goals may include generating 20% more revenue or increasing conversion rates through pay per click programs. There are many possibilities all of which we can discuss with you and your company.

Do You Do Competitive Research?

We always look outside the box to identify what’s going on in your industry in relation to the web and internet marketing. Good results don’t just come from directly optimizing your site, but looking outside the box at the competition – then doing things better.

Do You Create Easy To Use Websites?

A website with lots of personality can only do so much. Your visitors may feel overwhelmed and leave if they can’t find what they’re looking for. A good, results-oriented design has the basic understanding of usability testing. Feel free to visit our portfolio and see for yourself.

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