10 Very Good Reasons

You Should Hire Us

Now Located In Minneapolis

Although our company was founded in 2006 in Mankato, Minnesota, we’ve been located in Minneapolis since 2009. The founder, Matt Peschong, started the company out of the college’s laboratory computer room and grew the company to what it is today.

We Care About Your Success

We’re in pursuit to have our clients achieve the highest level of satisfaction through our dedicated team, passionate work ethic, and forward thinking. We learn about your business and ask challenging questions to learn about your business and propose solutions you may not have thought of.

We Won't Sugar Coat You

At Mankato Web Design, we’re going to tell you how it is and stick to it. If we don’t think an idea is good, we’ll let you know why and provide an alternative suggestion. We want you to be successful because your business’s success is the key to a long-term partnership with Mankato Web Design.

We Don't Have Sales People

Simply put – we’re nerds who can speak your language. We will be completely transparent and upfront to help your website perform, increase its ranking, and help build an effective marketing strategy. Since we don’t employ sales people, you will talk directly with someone who is knowledgeable of all your project requirements and can provide immediate solutions.

Manage Your Website Independently

We build custom designed websites for our clients and always integrate WordPress which allows you to manage your site intuitively. Never again pay a website designer to do simple updates on your website. We’ll teach you how and support you along the way. We also offer weekly blog writing services.

Work One-On-One With Your Designer

We are highly responsive and can find solutions for even minor problems. We make our client’s feel as if they are are only client. We are highly transparent and find solutions most others simply can’t. Your project manager will not only be highly personable but also a tech whiz who can speak to you in basic terms.

Customer Follow Up After Completion

After the website is completed, we follow up with our clients on a weekly or monthly basis by email or phone to check how things are going and to discuss possible areas to improve.

Flexible Payment Options

We provide a 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd payment structure for the majority of customers. We make special payment arrangements for customers who may need a monthly payment plan to pay off the total balance of their project. We also accept all major credit cards.

Want Us To Write Your Copy?

We have a team of professional content writers who can write the content for your website including regular blog updates. Many web design firms will require you write all the content yourself. This may sound easy, but it could take months and you want your website ready by not tomorrow – but yesterday.

Ownership Of Your Website and Files

Since we setup website hosting under your name – under your own account – with a public company, you have all the files, email addresses, and domain name(s) under your ownership and never have to be tied down to a monthly payment just to OWN your website.

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