An SEO Guide For HVAC Companies

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How Your HVAC Company Can Rank Higher on Google!

In the past, homeowners would often turn towards print advertisements, and the Yellow Pages, in order to find an HVAC specialist. However, in the digital age, most homeowners use Google as their Yellow Pages as people turn increasingly toward the internet to find companies to do business with.

It has then become increasingly important for HVAC professionals to focus on improving their online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to generate new leads. Considering that the heating and air conditioning business is extremely competitive, strong SEO will be critical in helping you to beat your competition.

If you are unsure how to improve your company’s search engine rankings, here are a few steps that you can take to improve your SEO and drive more business to your website.

List Your Company on Google My Business (GMB)

The first step you should take to boost your company’s search engine ranking is to list your business on Google My Business (GMB). GMB allows companies to list information about their business such as their NAP (name, address, and phone number), their hours, and directions to their location free of charge, and this information is then listed on Google Search and Google Maps.

Google will then verify your business by either sending you a letter to your business address or by calling your listed number. Once your information is verified, customers will be able to easily find information about your business using a quick Google search.

Considering the extent to which people rely on Google to find businesses, creating a GMB listing, and keeping it updated, should be a critical part of every business’s SEO strategy.

Make Sure Your NAP is Updated and Consistent

Once you have created (or updated) your Google My Business listing, it is also important that you ensure that your NAP is updated and formatted consistently across all of your online platforms. Maintaining a consistent NAP is critical, as Google’s rankings do not like NAPs that are formatted differently, which could affect your search engine ranking.

To further boost your SEO, your NAP should also be listed uniformly on multiple places throughout your website including on your Contact page, About Us page, as well as on your website’s header and footer so that it is easily accessible by both potential customers and Google’s algorithms. Your NAP should also be clearly present on review sites, directories, as well as on your social media pages, and it should be in the same style and format used on your website and GMB listing.

Research Keywords

One of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization is using the right words and phrases on your website– known as keywords– that will highlight your website when customers search for HVAC services in your area. These keywords need to include your city and region, as well as language that highlights the services you provide, as this will help Google to properly index your website for searches. For instance, a popular keyword for an HVAC company in Los Angeles might be “Los Angeles AC Repair”, as this highlights their location and services offered.

A simple way to find out what keywords are popular is to go to Google’s homepage and begin to type in search terms; popular searches will automatically appear, which can help you to determine useful keywords. You may also want to consider investing in Google AdWords. This is a paid service that can help you to choose keywords by showing you if keywords are commonly used and highly searched. Ideally, you will want to use keywords that are frequently searched but are not commonly used, as this will improve your search engine ranking.

Get Your Business Listed on Review Sites

It can also help your HVAC company’s SEO to establish listings for your company on popular review sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, Angie’s List, and Google Reviews. The fact is that when researching businesses, many people want to look at reviews and testimonials before choosing a company to work with. Creating review listings for your company can then help to generate leads in addition to improving your search engine rankings. If review pages already exist for your business, make sure that you claim them and add any updated/pertinent information including your NAP and a link to your website.

Ask for Reviews

Of course, review site listings are only effective if they are filled with helpful (and preferably positive) reviews. If there are not enough reviews of your business online, customers may be inclined to take their business elsewhere. You should then consider asking satisfied customers if they would be willing to review your services, as doing this consistently can provide you with a steady flow of reviews. Some companies even offer incentives to customers to leave reviews such as by providing them with discounts on future services. While all reviews are helpful, Google My Business page reviews have the greatest impact on your company’s SEO, so you should consider asking customers to leave their reviews there.

Link Building is Critical

To improve your company’s SEO, you will also want to build plenty of inbound links that direct potential customers to your website. This requires that you get your company listed on a variety of pertinent websites such as industry associations and your local chamber of commerce. Sponsoring local events can also be a great way to get your company’s website listed on other websites. Creating content for your company’s blog, or writing guest articles for home maintenance websites and publications, and embedding them with links to your website is one of the most common and effective ways to create inbound links for a website.

Have Mankato Web Design Get You Started

As you can see, boosting your HVAC company’s SEO rankings can be a time-consuming process. However, as an HVAC professional your time is best spent using your HVAC skills and expanding your company, not on researching keywords and improving your online presence. Instead, you should consider contacting a web design and SEO company to handle this process for you, as they have the knowledge and experience to design you a killer website and boost your company’s search engine rankings.