Beating Down the Social Media Myths

Social Media Marketing Minneapolis, MN

There are many viewpoints regarding social media marketing and this has created a great number of social media myths that need to be shot down so that more individuals do not make costly mistakes. Being that social media is a very valuable tool in web marketing, debunking the myths can result in stronger social media campaigns.

Myth 1: You have to post to your Facebook page every day

Believe it or not, regular updates are not a life or death factor when it comes to marketing on Facebook. However, it does depend on your company. It is not a bad thing to post every day, but it is not going to be the demise of your page if you do not get that post in at 3:00 today. Every company is different and that means not every company has to tell their followers that they are there every single day. Simply know your audience and you will know what to do.

Myth 2: Pay-per-click ads are dead

The paid ads that you see on the sidebar of your Facebook page are Facebook’s pay-per-click ads. They are certainly not a thing of the past. Those that say that paid ads are dead are not utilizing all of the advantages that they offer. For instance, these ads give exposure whether they are clicked or not.

Myth 3: Automated updates will obliterate you

There are many tools that help social media marketers automate their social media updates. For example, Hootsuite is a way in which individuals automate their Twitter updates. You can set what time of day you want your update to occur and it will automatically post. This is a way to promote even when away from the computer. On Facebook, however, it is best to respond to friend requests and to interact with posters in order to maintain a positive reputation on the social media website.

Myth 4: Never include a call-to-action in social media posts

Keep this in mind: Without a call to action, nothing is really being done to promote the brand. However, there are others that feel a call-to-action doesn’t have a place in social media because it is too promotional. So which part of the argument is correct?

The answer is that it lies somewhere in the middle. The call-to-action can be used moderately, but in a way that doesn’t come across pushy. In other words, don’t publish the same call-to-action every single day because it will wear thin on the patience of your followers.

Myth 5: You have to time your posts

Should you put your brand to bed? Should you not bother people on the weekends? The fact is that more people are online at night and on weekends. This is something that has very specific opinions. Again, this is an area where it pays to know your audience. You can experiment by posting at different times of the day and seeing what time of day gets the most interaction for you.

So there you have five debunked myths that will help you better utilize your social media accounts so you can drive traffic to your website and your business.