Beyond Blogging: WordPress For High Ranking Websites

WordPress web design has become rather popular in recent years. Some wonder why they choose a designer who uses WordPress over the many other design programs and platforms that are out on the Internet today.

The answer is rather simple: The SEO

The design options are attractive and when you have a great designer, it gets even better. However, search engine,s such as Google, don’t look at the design of a website. Yes, there are html tags and other elements that are evaluated, but those html tags have a lot to do with making sure the search engine is able to properly interpret the site. The appearance of the site is more or less for the visitor in order to keep them on a page. If a visitor has their choice between a business with an attractive and functional WordPress website and a “clipart website,” they are going to choose the WordPress website.

Here are some things that make WordPress web design very unique:

  • It keeps the code clean – Search engine spiders do not visually read the website content like a book. Instead, it uses the website’s code to understand it. WordPress helps the designer keep this code as clean as possible. A relevant site with clean code is going to rank better than a relevant site that doesn’t have clean code.
  • Content is everything and WordPress recognizes this – In all of that code is the content of the page. However, that code has to be easy for human beings for read and it also has to be optimized for search engines. If it is one or the other, it isn’t going to work as well.
  • Niche-Specific keywords are everything – It is very important that your content contains keywords in specific places. This is something that the content creator must do and then the content can be plugged into WordPress’s content management system.
  • Image optimization – WordPress also gives the tools for image optimization. It is important to optimize an image since Google can’t actually see images.
  • SEO Plugins – WordPress makes SEO plugins available to designers. These plugins can help boost rankings without causing much trouble at all. Your designer will be able to identify which plugins will benefit your specific site the most.

In the end, it comes down to SEO. However, you have to ensure the site is human friendly since traffic to the website is also a factor that influences how well it ranks in search engine results. If a site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, it is going to take it a while to climb through the rankings. When a site shows that it is popular, that tells Google that there is something about that website that is worth looking at and that results in them crawling the website more often.

So if you are curious as to why WordPress web design is the chosen method of many designers, the above are just some of the reasons why. If every reason was listed, you would be reading for a while.