Aug 22 2010

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Posts

Category: Company Blog , SEO ,

Looking to improve your blog posts? Below are five great ways to get the readership, the comments and the traffic you are looking for: 1) Revamp your Title Tags and URLS Format You want your title to be catchy but you also want to highlight the keywords in your phrasing. This can be tricky. One… Read more »

Aug 16 2010

Writing Keyword Pieces that Are Actually Worth Reading

Category: Company Blog , SEO ,

One of the hardest aspects of writing any search engine optimization content is finding that balance between keyword enriched and interesting. You do not want your posts to read like a walking advertisement but you also do not want to exclude those much-needed keywords in order to get your point across. After all, if your… Read more »

Aug 12 2010

Facebook Fear Factor – Are You Over Using Facebook?

Category: Company Blog , SEO ,

We are all a little guilty of over-using social networking sites. When this is for pleasure, there is no real harm. After all, you are not really hurting anyone if you are chatting on Facebook rather than cooking dinner (except your stomach perhaps). However, when using Facebook for professional purposes, you could end up destroying… Read more »

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