Jul 11 2017

How to Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website

Category: Blog

Are you using the Facebook pixel for your website? If you are not already using it, you may not realize its importance as well as its benefits for ad targeting and running dynamic ads. Utilizing the Facebook Pixel helps you create powerful audiences by tracking and optimizing conversions. If you have not already added the… Read more »

Jul 05 2017

5 Steps to Get Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index Now

Category: Blog

Google search results will soon change forever. Since last year, when the search engine giant first announced its Mobile-First Index, marketers have scrambled to understand just what it means, and how they can prepare their online presence for a world of mobile dominance. As of right now, we know that Google plans to introduce its… Read more »

Jun 21 2017

How SEO for Law Firms Will Earn You More Clients

Category: Blog

Is your law firm website attracting clients? It was not that long ago when a person needing an attorney, for a bankruptcy, divorce or automobile accident, would open the yellow pages and select the nicest ad. Today, people jump on Google and search for “lawyers near me.” At the top of the search results is… Read more »

Jun 12 2017

Boost SEO for Minnesota Electricians

Category: Blog

Many electricians and electrical contractors are frustrated with their website. The promise was that a well-designed site would increase their visibility online, naturally draw new visitors, grow leads, and increase sales. What typically happens is that their website attracts very little traffic, has a high bounce rate, and does not seem to even pay for itself. Upon evaluation,… Read more »

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