Bring Your SEO Campaign Back from the Dead

There are currently a ton of SEO campaigns in limbo, showing no signs of life. Several factors could derail a campaign, ranging from the misuse of black-hat tactics to an outdated web design. If this sounds like your website, then don’t worry. It’s always possible to bring an SEO campaign back from the dead.

Fix your broken links

Links plays a large role in your site’s SEO. Therefore, a few broken links can add up to be a big setback with respect to your site ranking.

A recent Small Business Trends article explains the effect of broken links within the context of SEO. According to the article, you should check your links on a weekly basis so you can fix the problem before Google spots it:

“Having broken links on your website, regardless if they’re internal or external, can hurt your SEO, so this is a quick way to make sure that’s not happening. Keep in mind that even if you check one week and a particular link was fine, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be broken the next week. This is something that isn’t always in your control, so it’s an easy one to quickly check and quickly fix.”

Checking your links doesn’t take an extraordinary amount of time, but it can make a big difference in regard to your SEO campaign.

Clean up your site

Cleaning up other general aspects of your site can have an even bigger impact than fixing your broken links. On the other hand, it’ll probably demand more of your time.

At this point, some businesses are better off redesigning their sites completely. A red flag, like not having a mobile-friendly site, indicates that you should start from scratch. In this respect, you can just switch to responsive design to clean up your site.

This also entails reviewing your site content, landing page, and navigation. These all have to be in top shape if you want an effective SEO campaign.

Create more content

Content creation may not make an immediate impact on your site ranking, but it’s the most effective strategy in the long-run. Google has made content a determining factor in its search algorithm, and businesses have to rise to the challenge.

Fortunately, you can apply your content to all your other marketing efforts. According to a recent Search Engine Journal, you should start writing more articles, not just to enhance your SEO, but also to qualify for Facebook Instant Articles:

“Any publisher, whether it’s a media outlet, business, or individual using content to establish authority will have to get serious about publishing more content. The one post every couple of months approach that some have will no longer cut it if you want to get involved in Instant Articles as it takes a minimum of 50 articles just to get approved.”

Content plays a major role in social media and email marketing as well. It’s the best, least-risky investment you can make in relation to online marketing.

Build links through your content

A legitimate link building strategy is even more long-term than content creation, but it’s something you’ll need for a good site ranking. Just to be clear, you should never buy or trade for links; that’s how you get a site penalty from Google.

If you can acquire links through a truly great content strategy, however, then you’ll rise in Google’s rankings. Genuine inbound links are an indicator of a great, reputable site. Just know that it takes time to get there.  

Any business can run an effective SEO campaign if it has enough patience and a good long-term strategy. To talk more about SEO, or anything else, contact us today.