Why All Businesses with a Digital Presence Should Invest in Copywriting Services

Having high quality web copy and content is vital for an ongoing, reliable online presence. However, creating that copy and content on your own can quickly become overwhelming. Although a lot of business owners see their website copy as a mere formality, smart entrepreneurs now the value of effectively communicating about their products, company, and industry.

Copywriters are experts at creating engaging content that persuades. That persuasion might be in buying your product, but can also refer to persuading a prospect to sign up for your email list, schedule a consultation, or download a white paper from your website.

The truth is that copywriting has a way bigger effect on the success of your business than you know. When a prospect first arrives at your website, the words that you display to them are responsible for forming a great first impression and convincing them to take your company, and products, seriously.

First Impressions Matter

The copywriting on your home page is the single most important aspect of your website. It is often responsible for forming first impressions in the eyes of your visitors – and you want to make sure that the impression that you leave is a positive one that draws those prospects closer to making a purchase. Although it might seem like any business owner should know their company well enough to write their homepage content, there is actually a lot that goes into copywriting that you wouldn’t expect. Market research, customer interviews, and conversations with your employees can all play pivotal roles in the creation of your homepage web copy.

Increase Revenue Per Visitor

At its most basic, copywriting is writing that is meant to drive sales. There are various techniques that are used throughout great copywriting that work to connect with your visitors emotionally, position your product as a solution to their problems, and persuade them to make the purchase. Great copy results in more sales, and increases your revenue per visitor over where it would be without that great copy. Copywriting helps to persuade the user to take desired actions throughout the process of researching, buying your product and seeking support.

Attract More Visitors

Great content attracts more people to your website, and a great copywriter should be at the center of any content marketing strategy. In the end, well written content will do a better job of attracting interested prospects to your website and familiarizing them with your brand.  You want to make sure that in all aspects of your digital presence, from homepage copy, to blogs, to email marketing, that you are effectively communicating with your audience and giving them reasons to come back.

Great Copywriting is a Long-Term Investment

Many entrepreneurs will scoff at the types of quotes that they receive when they first begin speaking with professional copywriters. They may seem high when you don’t factor in the long-term value that their work is going to provide your business. Remember – great copywriting doesn’t just help you for the next month, or even six months. Great copywriting that is persuasive and effective will reap rewards for your business for years to come. A single investment in copywriting could mean millions in sales over the long-term. Being able to put together effective copy that converts is important for success.

Connect with Your Audience Emotionally

Although you might be able to articulate why your products will help your audience, connecting with them on an emotional level is an entirely different animal. Being able to effectively speak to the emotional side of your audience is important for fostering a connection with your product and company. You want copywriters that have proven experience in doing just that to be responsible for the content that your company publishes.

Publish Persuasive Content that Educates

Some see copywriters and content creators as two separate entities. However, all businesses should consider using copywriting services to create their content, even when it is educational in nature. A copywriter will know how to structure and write content that is not only educational, but also makes small, subtle connections to the sales materials that they have written. In inbound marketing strategy, your blogs and other freely available content service as a way to familiarize your audience with your company and make them fans of your brand. Then, you can convert them into customers more easily.

Improve Organic Traffic

One often overlooked fact is that hiring professional copywriting services will also allow you to rank more highly in search engines as well. The organic traffic that your company brings in is directly affected by the content on your pages. When someone comes to your website, factors like how quickly they leave and whether or not they engage with anything on the page have a direct effect on your ranking in Google. Great copywriters are persuasive, and sometimes persuading someone to stay on the page is all that you need to move your website up in the rankings.

If you run a business that has a digital presence online, the best thing that you can do for yourself in the long-term is to hire a copywriter that is familiar with your industry. You need to work with someone who can help you to shape the first impressions that you make with prospects, subtly persuade them to buy your products, and develop a personal, emotional connection. If you would like to learn more about our copywriting services, please contact us to schedule your initial risk-free consultation with our copywriting experts.