Warm Rain Bathtubs

Warm Rain Bathtubs

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Warm Rain is a bathtub and shower manufacturer with a national sales office located in St. Paul, Minnesota and factory in Calumet, Michigan.


Warm rain approached Mankato Web Design needing to make their website mobile friendly and make their product inventory easy to search, keep updated, and sell to the customer. They have various product data sheets, technical specifications, and more. Their website also includes various territories for different sales staff and educational videos that needed to be well presented and easy to update.


We threw out the book and started from scratch – a blank canvas in fact. We identified their key competitors and started building a wireframe and navigational hierarchy that would be easy to navigate. By working directly with the company owner who knew best their product and incorporating our skills with end user interface experiences, we were able to build a website in WordPress using a custom theme. The website is both responsive for cell phones, tables and computers as well as easy to update with custom field elements in the backend to make updating seamless for the owner.


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