Contractor Websites: Six Building Tips You Can’t Live Without

It is very important for construction companies to highlight the services that they provide, whether those services are interior or exterior construction, roofing, painting, or the works. When individuals in a specific geographic area are looking for a contractor that has the services, experience, and the prices to do the job that they need done, they are going to turn to the Internet.

In order for potential customers to find the website, it has to perform well in local search engine results. It has to:

  • Look professional
  • Have the proper keywords throughout so that it is indexed and found in search engine results
  • Be easily updateable

Other suggestions include:

1. A Project Gallery

Before and after photos are priceless. Website visitors want to see the quality of the work and photographs are a great way to do that. Highlighting some of the best projects will bring attention to them. It can be good to list projects and then have a section where there are multiple photos highlighting the project.

2. Service List

A list of services is a necessity on the website. It tells visitors if the company has exactly what they are looking for. If there are a lot of services, it can be good to categorize them by placing them under such headings as exterior, interior, roofing, etc. Don’t forget to include such services as insurance claims assistance and financing options. Material options should also be specified so that visitors already have an idea of what they may need done to their home or business.

3. House Plans Inclusion

If a variety of house plans are offered, then placing those on the side in PDF format so they can be downloaded easily and images be zoomed in on is very helpful. The idea behind the website is to answer as many questions as possible for the potential customer. Without the website, the only way for house plans to be seen is to ask for them to be emailed or to physically meet with the homebuilder to see them. In this case, they are readily available and this saves time for all involved.

4. Specify Service Area

Visitors must know what area is serviced. It can help to specify on the website what cities are serviced. This also helps search engines index the service location better and saves the business time by not having to address inquiries that are outside of the service area.

5. Contact Information

Contact information has to be easy to find. Telephone numbers and emails need to be visible, but one great tool is the web form because it allows potential customers to get in touch very easily. The easier it is to make contact, the more likely a new customer will be had.

6. Social Networking

Social networking provides the opportunity to interact with even more customers and to direct them to the website. Visibility can increase a great deal, making this a valuable marketing tool that is free.