Coronavirus Website Tips to Update Your Customers

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Keep Your Customers Updated Via Your Website

During the coronavirus pandemic many business owners may wonder how they can keep their customers informed and confident in the services or products they provide.

Initially, you can post to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and more. Beyond these social sites and direct email marketing, you may want to consider updating your website to reflect awareness of new procedures you intend to put into place.

Below you will find some recommendations:

1. Website Banner Notification

Consider adding a temporary banner to your website. Simple Banner is a totally free plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to display a simple announcement banner or bar at the top of your website. You can easily customize the colors, create a link to a page, and preview the bar before it goes live.

This is a great way to announce your procedures across your entire website with one plugin.

2. Business Procedures During Coronavirus 

Many businesses are publishing a continuity plan to make customers aware of how they will be conducting business during the pandemic. These procedures may include using remote video conferencing, special procedures with customer interactions and much more. recently published “The 6 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps“.

3. Contact Page & FAQs

Addition of a new “FAQ” page during the pandemic may be a good idea. Customers may be fearful of hiring your business without knowing what procedures you’ve put in place to address their concerns before calls. A good, well organized FAQ and contact us page can help give potential customers confidence in how you schedule appointments and contact your team. These questions can hopefully be temporary and be removed at a later today.

4. Event Registration & Information

If you have upcoming in-person events, you should make visitors to your website aware of rescheduling or cancellations and disable ability to register for upcoming events.