How Digital Marketing Can Grow Your Business In Minneapolis

Date: Mar 20 2019

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There is little doubt that having an online presence is crucial for business. The fact is that most people are using the internet to research products, services, and companies before making any decisions. Every business in Minneapolis needs to answer some fundamental questions about their company’s online strategy.

  • Are Minneapolis consumers finding you?
  • Is your website designed to guide visitors to predictable outcomes? (subscribe, social share, request a quote)
  • Which social media networks should you use?
  • Are you effectively using pay-per-click and native advertising?
  • How are you attracting your target and prospects?

It really doesn’t matter what kind of Minneapolis business that you are: restaurant, law firm, landscaper, or family physician. In today’s environment, no one can expect to succeed without digital marketing. The real question is, “Where does a business in Minneapolis start?” Today’s article is going to break down some basic concepts about how digital marketing can grow your business in Minneapolis.

Use Your Website to Generate Qualified Leads

Your website is the focal point of your entire digital marketing strategy. All social media, pay-per-click, and search engine marketing is for the purpose of bringing more traffic to your website and deeper into the sales funnel. However, most websites are designed for the business, rather than the customer. You can have an amazing looking website, but if it does not provide a positive user experience, visitors will not convert to customers.

A website visitor will decide in seconds whether or not to stay on your website. Therefore, it must capture their attention, be easy to navigate, and guide your target deeper into the sales funnel. Also, it is critical to have a mobile-friendly design. The typical internet user uses multiple devices throughout the day to stay connected, perform spontaneous searches, and meet their overall needs. If your website does not adapt to their device, they will find one that does.

How to Develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy

What is inbound marketing? Today, there are over 640 million websites, and thousands more are created every day. Additionally, each of those sites is creating content, blogs, videos, infographics and social media posts trying to get the attention of your target and customers. Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy that attracts customers at every stage of the consumer life-cycle. Using powerful and unique content that is relevant and useful, potential customers find you.

Moreover, a Minneapolis business doesn’t want just any website traffic. You want highly targeted traffic from those who most resemble your ideal customer. Inbound marking uses a combination of SEO, content pages, blogging and social media marketing to bring the “right” people to your website. While a big benefit of inbound marketing is organic or natural website traffic, you can amplify success using paid search engine advertising, remarketing, and social media native advertising.

Best Practices for Developing Content

Effective content creation comes from knowing your ideal customer. A best practice for this is by identifying the customer groups which make up your vital few, the roughly 20 percent of your customers that generate 80 percent of your business. In order to create content that will appeal to those consumers most likely to buy your product or service, you want to target people who share similar interests, goals, challenges, and pain points with those you are already making happy. Using a method called the buyer persona, you can build profiles of your ideal customer groups, which will then allow you to personalize your messaging.

Regardless, your inbound marketing content is not about making a hard sales pitch. It is about building an audience, growing brand awareness, developing trust, and earning the right to sell. Inbound marketing is all about providing exceptional content to your visitors, whether they are a first-time reader, prospect, lead, or active customer. You want to capture a person’s attention early in their decision-making process, which will then lead to a stronger influence on their future buying decision. Essentially, you are making yourself the obvious choice.

Using Paid Advertising to Enhance Traffic

Paid advertising can include native social advertising, search engine, pay-per-click (PPC), video advertising, remarketing, and more. The one problem with paid advertising is that once you run out of money, the traffic flow stops. Therefore, it is often a good idea to marry paid advertising as a short-term enhancement to a long-term content strategy. Since these platforms are easy to target, measurable and predictable, you can increase the long-term value of your inbound marking.

That said, sometimes identifying the best ad platform is difficult. First, you must determine if they have the targeting options that will work best for you, and if they can actually reach your target audience. Next, how do you want to reach people? Google and Bing are very targeted and based on a user’s search query and keywords. Facebook will allow you to target based on gender, age, location, interests, and more. If your focus is professionals, LinkedIn will empower you to target a specific job title. Regardless, it is important to approach paid advertising with a specific goal and strategy.

Digital Marketing for Minneapolis Businesses

Incorporating these digital marketing techniques will dramatically improve the quality of your web traffic. Moreover, it will almost immediately cause new visitors to perceive you as an authority and an obvious choice when they are ready to buy. You will increase brand awareness, become the go-to resource for information, and increase your overall sales. Would that work for you in your situation?

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about how digital marketing can grow your business in Minneapolis, or a related topic, please contact us.

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