Discover the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is arguably the most important segment of an overall marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to use social media to drive growth and success. If you still have not adopted a social media marketing strategy, your business is being left behind.

The prime goal of social media marketing is sales and growth. Your relevant content attracts followers and fans. Visitors spend time on your site, share your content, and attract leads. One then can capitalize on the earned trust to drive sales.

Recognize the benefits of social media and those insights will impact lead generation and sales.

Content Distribution

Social media makes it easy to distribute content quickly and easily. Shared relevant content increases exposure and referral traffic. It also provides for repeat exposure, shortening the sales cycle.

Brand Recognition

Social media allows one to control your brand’s portrayal and image. Your consistent engagement and relevant content will build your brand’s reputation. You can more fully control your company’s image, message, and values.

Customer Insights

Knowing your customers is essential for every business. Social media makes this easy. One can see what their customers and potential customers are talking about. Gathering this information allows one to better cater to customer needs.

Influence & Authority

As one continues to create content that is relevant, inspirational or useful there is an increase in trust and authority. Your following grows and the shared content creates social proof. This social growth expands influence and identifies you as a thought leader. The snowball effect creates more customers and other opportunities.

Community Building

Your fans and followers become members of your online community. The benefit is instant access to those truly interested in your message. They want to see your content, and they want to engage with you.

Website Traffic

Your content gives people a reason to click on your website links. Without effectively using social media, one limits themselves to only search engine optimization and keyword marketing, or those familiar with your brand. The increase in website traffic provides opportunities to invite visitors to make a sale, sign-up for email newsletters, or schedule a consultation or appointment.


There are times when it seems no one is paying attention. There is nothing to worry about. Most of your audience are likely lurkers. These individuals are those who observe but don’t actually engage or participate in conversations. If you are consistent, people will pay attention.

Enhanced SEO

New search engine algorithms take social media into consideration. When social media users interact with your content, it sends signals to search engines about popularity, trustworthiness, and authority. Focusing only on blogs and site optimization is no longer enough.


Your customers and potential clients are looking for you on social media. The only thing worse than them not finding you is them finding accounts that have not been updated in months or with empty news feeds. Users want to know you are actively reaching out and engaging with your online community.

Business Position

Most companies do not do well with social media, and there is a good probability your competitors are not either. If your social media marketing is effective, you have a competitive advantage. Ignoring social media creates an opportunity for your competitors to grab your target audience.

Cost Saving

Social media allows you to share your message at no cost other than the time you spend creating content. While most social media sites have an advertising platform, content has the potential to go viral without paying a dime.

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