Evergreen Vs. Non-Evergreen: A Content Case Study

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Copywriting involves creating content that is timeless and this is something that every SEO expert should strive toward. When content is placed in front of an audience, the amazing pieces are going to be the ones that engage readers and drive traffic. This leads to increased brand awareness and this means higher conversions.

In a content case study, one piece of content was created that would be updated regularly over a period of time. This means this one web page was going to be updated now and then for at least a year. The goal was to see if putting the effort into that one page was going to prove more efficient than spending time and planning brand new pieces of content.

Now it should be noted that this is something that will work for some industries and not others. For instance, the legal system is always changing and this means attorneys have to have pages re-written to reflect those changes. On the other hand, others can deal with the updates…or can they?

The Experiment

In the experiment, the content was written and linked to a few relevant websites. When linking, the pages linked to were not those that change their URLs each time they update something. In the cases of such sites, the links went directly to the homepage. All links were also set at follow rather than no-follow.

From the day the page was live, an update date was placed on the top of the page so that readers and search engines could see that the page was maintained regularly. There have been arguments against using dates because there are many webmasters unable to regularly update content and that can cause the date to have the opposite effect. If a page can be updated regularly, then this can be favorable; otherwise it can be left out. There was also no link building done in order to see how the page would perform naturally.

The traffic did go up and over 10,500 search phrases were used in organic search to find the page. There were also 135 social network shares. Others then started linking to the site.

The End Result

The end result is that the content did perform. The updates were relatively simple and Google does recognize content updates. However, Google also notices page additions. Adding pages is important because Google looks at the site like a garden that is growing. Such updates and additions signify that there is brand new information and Google is very much “in the now.” They want the search engine results that they deliver to be as new as possible. This means that a combination of content updates and content additions are going to help a website’s performance significantly.