5 Benefits of Using Facebook Marketing To Promote Your Business

Even though other social media networks are beginning to gain in popularity, Facebook remains far and away the most popular social media platform in the world. Each month, more than 1.5 billion active users log in to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos with family and friends.

Marketers can turn Facebook’s popularity into a massive promotional boost. If you are engaging in digital marketing, you likely want to have at least some presence on the network. But if you are still on the fence about it, here are 5 benefits of using Facebook marketing to promote your business.

1) Message Variety

Many social media networks occupy a specific niche. Instagram focuses on images, YouTube highlights videos, and so on. But Facebook encompasses all types of digital media, giving marketers unprecedented variety in how to spread their message.

For example, you can run a video campaign that plays automatically to your audience. You can link to your website for more information, or simply promote an engaging visual such as an infographic. Facebook allows you to get the word out about your business in a variety of ways, making it an ideal network regardless of your business.

2) Targeting Opportunities

Speaking of which: depending on the industry you market to, you are likely looking to target a very distinct audience. Facebook, perhaps more than any other digital outlet, enables you to set very specific targeting parameters to ensure your message only reaches the most relevant users.

Geographics and demographics are just the beginning of targeting opportunities. Marketers can also target users who have recently travelled, moved, or had a child. Targeting ads toward specific employers and job titles is just as possible as reaching only users who have specific interests within your field.

3) In-Depth Metrics

Even the best digital marketing campaigns can be frustrating if you don’t know how well they’re performing. Fortunately, Facebook offers in-depth metrics that allow you to track the success of your individual marketing campaigns.

These metrics depend on the medium you’re promoting. Video campaigns, for example, allow you to track video views as well as how many viewers actually watched to the end. Link ads, on the other hand, provide total clicks and click-through rates to help you determine their success. Of course, every ad also provides basic metrics such as reach and impressions.

4) Digital Integration

Another reason Facebook has become such an important marketing tool throughout industries is how seamlessly it integrates with your other digital methods. We already mentioned the ability to link to your website, which enables you to highlight more in-depth content for your audience.

Facebook also allows users to share and embed your media throughout their own digital presence, increasing virality as a result. Finally, if you engage in inbound marketing, you can create lead ads that allow you to increase lead conversions, or track conversion rates on your website that result from your link ads.

5) Budget Flexibility

Much like Google, Facebook offers marketers the opportunity to promote their business even on a shoestring budget. Because it follows the PPC (pay-per-click) pricing structure, you only pay when someone clicks on an ad – which means that your budget will be spent as efficiently as possible.

Lowering your budget simply means reaching a smaller portion of your target audience. In other words, you can run a Facebook advertising campaign for as little as $5 per day of $100 total, and still reach a significant portion of your audience.

In short, Facebook advertising offers significant benefits to businesses looking to promote their products or services without the luxury of a large budget. To learn more about the platform, and how to use its advertising capabilities to your advantage, contact us.