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Date: Sep 05 2019

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metro heating and coolingDiagnose the Problems Plaguing Your Website and Learn How to Cure Them with Our Free Audit and Assessment

You’re frustrated with the performance of your website. Your competitors are killing you on organic searches. You feel like you are losing leads and sales every day.

Your website obviously is failing at search engine optimization, but you’re at a complete loss about how to get it back on track. You’ve even tried one of those free AI-generated SEO reports and felt you just wasted your time.

Mankato Web Design can get you turned around with a free audit and assessment compiled by our SEO experts. Our experts are actual human beings who live and breathe SEO, and they can tell you how to breathe new life into your troubled website.

Request your website health check today to get your free SEO report and gain a better understanding of how to generate organic leads and sales through your website.

We Analyze the History of Your Website Traffic Together

Before you can get to where you want to go, you need to fully understand where you’ve been. Maybe you were killing it a few years ago but have lost traction. Your free SEO audit from Mankato Web Design will review the monthly history of traffic on your website to give you a greater overview of your site.

You’ll be able to look into the peaks and valleys to learn what actions have worked and what haven’t. Beyond those peaks and valleys, you also want to detect the trends in your traffic, be they daily, seasonally or annually. Obviously the trend has not been what you’d like.

Somewhere along the way you’ve either stagnated or taken a wrong turn. Our free website health check report will find your weak points and aim you back into a profitable direction.

Do You Have Backlinks that Provide Value?

Backlinks are absolutely vital to your ranking on the search engines, so you need to be sure you have numerous and valuable backlinks. Backlinks are those links that come to your pages from outside sources, preferably from trusted sources in your industry. The more authoritative those backlinks, the greater weight they receive from the search engines, further boosting your organic rankings.

The Mankato Web Design report will locate and analyze your backlinks to inform you about the juice they may or may not be providing to your website. Backlinks from non-reputable source can actually punish your ranking. We’ll also let you know if there are broken links hanging out there that might be pointing to something you deleted from or moved within your website.

Our Minneapolis SEO experts also will provide a strategy to improve and increase your backlinks to grow your rankings.

Organic vs. Paid Traffic

The audit and assessment also will provide you a complete breakdown on where your current traffic is coming from. Are you getting a great return from your paid traffic? Is organic traffic falling behind? Where do you need to find the right balance between the two?

Of course, organic traffic provides greater value because you’re not spending as much money and potential customers are more likely to react favorably to organic search results. But paid traffic also has a value because it has the potential to bring higher quality leads to your site as it’s based on intelligence about your potential customers.

A comprehensive SEO strategy will drive your organic traffic in a direction that also will create those high-quality leads.

Are Your Keywords Optimized?

The search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to meet searchers’ expectations, so you need to constantly monitor and assess your keyword optimization to ensure you are keeping up.

Right now, the buzzword is “intent,” as in the engines are basing results on what the searcher’s intent is rather than just matching the exact keywords. That means you need the content to convince the engines your site can meet their searcher’s intent.

That may sound a bit fuzzier, but your Mankato Web Design analysis still will show you which keywords are hitting the mark and which ones are not. We’ll also provide an overview of what keywords are working for your particular industry and offer guidance on how to improve your keyword optimization.

find how your competition gets traffic

Know Your Social Media Impact

If you feel like your social media efforts have been a scattershot into the darkness, our audit will tell you where it has aimed and where it has struck.

You’ll find data from the top social media sites gathered into a cohesive analysis that will help you understand where social media is benefiting your website traffic and where your efforts have failed.

We’ll offer our experts’ advice on how social media can be leveraged toward your ideal customers to drive traffic back to your website.

How Are Your Competitors Driving Web Traffic?

You can’t be squeamish about spying on your competition’s websites. Believe us, they are checking on you. And if you expect to get ahead of them, you have to know where they are.

Your free Mankato Web Design SEO audit will provide a full analysis of your competition. You’ll learn where they are gaining traffic, how their keywords are functioning, what strategies they are employing to generate both organic and paid traffic, how their social strategy is working and more.

Once you understand what your competition is doing well, you’ll be better prepared to develop a strategy to surpass them.

Put Your Free Audit to Work & Contact Us Today To Get Started

Your free SEO audit and assessment will provide you a mountain of data (but we’ll explain it in lamen terms to you) and advice on how to get your website back into the game when it comes to organic search.

While you’re welcome to take the report and run with it, we are confident you’ll also see the value in having the expertise of Mankato Web Design’s SEO team at your side as you work to get your website back to the top and, just as importantly, keep it there in the long run.

As you’ve come to understand, search engine optimization is not a one-and-off project your marketing team can tackle in a few months. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring, analysis and updating. Mankato Web Design has helped hundreds of customers reach and maintain optimal SEO, and we’d love to help you get there and stay there, too.

Contact Mankato Web Design to learn more about partnering with us to get your website back on top of the field.

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