Google Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Local Service advertising is a marketing strategy we use to get your business new leads and increase visibility by displaying your business at the top of searches.

Google Adwords

Our PPC manager will utilize location reports to further define locations to target and exclude for your business. We analyze competitors advertisements and spend analysis. We focus on growing your business and increasing your rates of conversion – for every customer who clicks on your ad we track and measure their behaviors and if they inquire or purchase a product or service. We also focus on reducing your average cost per click and eliminate wasted clicks. By tracking results and providing you with monthly reports, you can clearly see your ROI.

Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads have become increasingly popular in recent years as they appear on top of Google Adwords ads. These ads are unique in that they are pretty easy to setup and easy to track results. Google Local Ads are only available to select industries and in certain cities only. If your business wants to appear in Local Ads, you must pass a rigorous background check and set aside a monthly budget for the ads which can be adjusted at anytime. Consumers who click on your ad won’t visit your website but will get a brief overview of your business, your address, and a phone number that is a tracking number. Google records phone calls to this tracking number which you can play back and listen to the calls. You can employ Local Ads to also easily collect reviews from consumers who contact you inside the Local Ads dashboard.

Setting Up & Maintaining Your Google Ads

Learn about some of the steps we take to ensure your campaign is setup and monitored properly.

Initial Consultation

Our initial setup includes a discovery phone call or meeting to identify your objects, differentiation and competition. We learn about your business, your target areas, your profitable vs. unprofitable jobs, and much more to deliver targeted traffic.

Audit of Campaign

Performing an audit in order to assess the state and needs of the account. If you have an existing PPC account, we can be granted guest administrative access to analyze the performance of your campaign and make recommendations for improvement.

Campaign Structure

We identify keyword targets and geographic targets for your campaign as well as optimize the account structure and add call out extensions, rich snippets, ad variations for split testing and much more.

Ad Copy and Variants

Creating an environment for proper A/B testing to identify engaging and effective copy for the business. During our discovery phone call we also learn about your business and some of the triggers that would get potential clients to pickup the phone.

Conversion Tracking

With our initial phone call we discuss possible conversion events to track in our monthly reports. This may include phone calls tracked, contact forms filled out, signing up for a newsletter, spending a certain amount of time on a page and more.

Ongoing Management & Reporting

On a monthly basis, we will identify new keyword and geographic opportunities to expand your reach. We leverage data sets to adjust bidding strategies for mobile devices and desktop computers and add negative keywords. We provide a summary of results and work performed with a monthly PDF report.