Google Buzz SEO Tips for Success

Looking to master Google Buzz? Look no further than below where you will find the secrets to success when using Google Buzz. Google Buzz is yet another social media gadget used to attract viewers to your blog or website. Similar to Twitter, Tumblr and FriendFeed, Google Buzz can, however, help you move up in the ranks if used correctly.

Google Buzz is the perfect middle ground between a blog and a tweet. Although most Buzzes are not the type of quality content that will make it into your blog, you may have something more substantial to say than your average tweet. Buzz is a great middle man for your opinions. And because Google is so big, your buzz will be read by all the right people.

Keep the following tips in mind when using Google Buzz for SEO and SMO purposes:

When using Google Buzz, keywords are just as important as always. is a third party Google Buzz search engine that will help you determine the most popular keywords at the time. This can help you find the right keywords to get noticed. Linking is also as important as ever; however, Google Buzz does not use ‘nofollow’ which is important to keep in mind when linking to your other pages such as Twitter.

When using Google Buzz, it is also beneficial to consider life streaming. Similar to Friendfeed, Google Buzz can be used as a life streaming tool which will add your contributions and content from elsewhere. For those who do not use Friendfeed, Google Buzz can be a great addition for life streaming.

It is also critical to note that anytime someone comments on your Google Buzz, the comments will put you back at the top again. So make those buzz informative, controversial and comment-worthy!

Buzz supports multi platform publishing which ensures that your content is distributed across the web without having to publish a number of different times. This is a time saver for those who like to cross-post.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when it comes to using Google Buzz is that is it part of the
Google family and thus very closely connected to your Google Profile. Make sure you only buzz about quality stuff and keep the chatter to Twitter or Facebook to ensure the best SEO results.

Google Buzz can be a very effective SEO tool if used correctly. The number of buzzes you write, the content you choose to include and the number of comments you receive will all impact your ranking. SEO still applies to Google Buzz so don’t forget the importance of quality linking and strategic keywords.

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