How Can I Increase My Avvo Score?

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A Brief Introduction to Avvo

Mark Britton, a tech-savvy and entrepreneurial lawyer himself, founded Avvo in the rainy city of Seattle. He saw a need for people to have an easier means of connecting with lawyers online. Since then, the site has amassed a sizable lawyer directory. It’s also a source of multitudes of free tips, tricks, and articles to help people determine how and when they should begin the lawyer selection process.

One important thing for attorneys to remember is that, whether they’re aware of it or not, they likely have a profile on Avvo. You always have the opportunity to alter and add to your profile, but you don’t have to be the one to create it. The good news is that if you haven’t claimed your profile, Avvo will not provide you with a numerical Avvo rating.

The Avvo Rating

What is the Avvo rating meant to do and what does it take into account?

Avvo created their rating system as a way to show a tangible evaluation of lawyers’ backgrounds. Whichever aspects of your work history are factored into your rating will appear on your public profile. According to the company themselves, the Avvo rating is based on:

  • Information you’ve included in your lawyer profile
  • Information collected from state bar associations
  • Information collected from other organization that license legal professionals
    • Regulatory agencies
    • Court records

Avvo has noted that lawyers should remember what it is the rating measures. It’ll serve concerned attorneys well to consider that Avvo ratings are only meant to provide some insight into your backgroundAvvo ratings do not speak to your interpersonal communication skills, knowledge of the law, or past performance on cases.

Why you should improve your Avvo rating

People beginning their search for a lawyer are often overwhelmed and nervous. They may experience difficulty navigating the uncharted waters of legalese, fees, and various specializations. Avvo has positioned themselves as an authority figure within the industry– clients trust them.

Because attorneys can’t pay to boost their rating and the system is simple to understand (we can all count to ten!), it’s an easy way for people to feel at ease as they browse their options. The creation of the rating system itself was a collaboration of numerous attorneys, consumers, and other legal professionals; it’s a system that clients feel they can trust.

And another thing– Avvo is growing. Back in 2015, the company announced that their goal was “to increase Avvo brand awareness through continued marketing initiatives.” This came on the heels of a cool $71.5 million in additional funding being added to their pot. With four years’ worth of time to work on this aggressive, well-funded plan, it’s tough to deny that Avvo is a giant in the industry. Your Avvo rating may carry a lot more weight than you think.

The Avvo rating system

The Avvo rating system generates a score somewhere between 1.0 and 10.0 for each lawyer on the site. These numbers may shift and evolve over time if certain factors in a lawyer’s work activity factor into the rating.

How to Increase Your Avvo Rating

Claim your profile (and add basic info!)

Perhaps the simplest way to boost your Avvo rating is to hop onto the website and claim your profile. The site has always allowed attorneys the option of hopping online and adding information about their history. Oftentimes, those who get involved and provide Avvo with more information see improved ratings.

It verges on sounding a little seedy, but there’s no need to fear. This fact is well-known; in fact, Avvo themselves have acknowledged it! It’s merely a means of incentivizing attorneys to add content to the site and flesh out their historic information.

If you sit down with a cup of coffee and dedicate yourself to providing all of the information about your history you can, you’ll be able to nab a profile completeness score of 95%. This is the highest your completeness rating can go without adding an Avvo Rating Badge to your site, which is optional and won’t affect your ability to snag a 10.0 rating.

List out your accomplishments

If you’ve received any awards for your performance in the legal industry, get them up onto your profile! This helps establish you as a trustworthy authority figure and ensures you stand out from your peers. Recognized groups like Best Lawyers in America, Martindale-Hubble, and Super Lawyers all regularly hand out awards.

Make sure you keep this section updated. The impact of each individual award gradually increases over time, so newer is better.

Snag those peer endorsements

Avvo allows your peers to offer endorsements on your profile. Not only does this directly factor into your Avvo rating (hint: more high-quality reviews equals a higher rating), but it can have a massive impact on the way potential clients view your capabilities. Anecdotal evidence suggests that around twelve to fourteen endorsements can incite a jump in your rating.

Realistically speaking, you’ll probably need to offer an endorsement in return if you decide to set out and ask for them. This isn’t a problem, but it does mean that you should be careful who you ask to write shining reviews of you. It’s entirely possible you’ll be expected to return the favor.

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