How Changes in Content can Lead to Better Conversions

A well-designed website has an impact on the user experience, but so does the content on the page. There are so many factors that go into a quality website and it is imperative that all of those factors are taken into account. When they are, that is what makes a website powerful.

But really, web design and all of the factors that go into a good website is an ongoing process and not a one-time thing.

Here is an example:

Let’s say we have a headline that says, “ABC Company Increases Revenues by 18%.” Changing that headline to “ABC Company Increases Medical Supply Revenue by 18%” can cause that page to experience an increase in hits and conversions.

This is an example of how professional copywriting that is of a high quality can impact the performance of a single page.

Sometimes it is a matter of measuring how well a particular page does and making changes to it that determines what works. It is a process and it is one that can pay off.

Now let’s look at another headline: “ABC Company Increases Workforce by 10%.” This is an interesting headline, but if a person decides they want to shorten it to just “ABC Company increases workforce,” it is not going to perform as well. That is something that can cause the conversion rate to fall. People like statistics and numbers, which is why it is important for a professional copywriter to use statistics whenever possible.

But while the headlines are important, so is the content that follows. It has to be written for the visitor and the search engine. Writing for people and robots can be tricky, but professional copywriters are able to integrate the necessary elements into an article so that it will appeal to both and that is what brings a great deal of quality to a website.

From there, the content can be tested and the necessary changes made along the way that enhance its performance. Sometimes it can be as simple as a headline tweak and other times it can be as complicated as having to change the content on an entire page or add content to the website. This is why professional web design and website maintenance is so important – the focus is to ensure the highest possible performance for the website so that the business can experience a return on investment over and over again.