How Content Writing Services Can Help Your Law Firm


Quality Content Writing To Grow Your Law Firm

A quality online presence is a pivotal aspect of any law firm’s marketing plan. For one thing, nearly 40% of clients will begin their search for legal services online. And for those clients who depend on referrals from friends and family to find legal counsel, many will still want to research a law firm online before making a decision.

Compelling, clear, and well-written online content helps highlight your firm as a trusted and professional resource. In addition to establishing your firm as an authority — and providing valuable educational content for clients — high-quality online content can improve your online visibility through bolstering SEO efforts. When you partner with a law firm content writing service, you’re ensuring an online presence that impresses, converts, and compels your clientele.

Types of Content You Need

When you work with a top-notch law firm content writing service, you will receive personalized copy that reflects your business’s online needs. Depending on what you’re looking for, this could take several forms:

  • Page Content. When clients view your website’s pages, they should be greeted with well-written, error-free, and persuasive content that clearly articulates your law firm’s reputation and skill. Major search engines like Google seek to highlight web pages that provide unique and valuable information for viewers — so stellar page content is a necessity for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.
  • Blog Posts/Articles. With blog posts and articles, you can help answer prospective clients’ questions and drive up social media engagement. In addition, regularly updated blog content helps your site show up on Google’s radar.
  • Social Media Content. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — social media sites can be a valuable way of getting your message out there and connecting with potential clients.
  • Newsletters. You mailing list can be a powerful marketing component. While you don’t want to flood customers with content, providing newsletters to your email list is a great way to provide value and stay connected.

Why Law Firms Need Quality Content

In a highly competitive digital world, it’s simply not sufficient to fill up your website’s pages with generic content. You need your firm to stand out in a sea of similar services. You need to show up quickly in a Google search, and convince prospective clients that you provide the best service around. To do this, you need a top-tier content writing service that accomplishes the following:

Maintains Clarity

When potential clients search for legal assistance online, they’re usually looking for specific aid. For example, they might be researching custody cases in a particular city, or drug-related offenses in federal court.

To accommodate searchers, it’s important to have clear, dedicated content for every service that you offer. What does this look like in practice? If, for example, your law firm specializes in birth injuries, this would mean having a separate web page devoted to the different sorts of birth injuries for which a client might be seeking litigation.

Establishes Expertise

First, clients need to know that you’re offering the types of services that match their needs. Then, they want to know why your firm is the best-suited to provide for their legal needs.

To establish your firm as an authority, it’s important to provide value to your clients in the form of well-crafted blog posts and articles that break down specific issues. Not only does this establish you as an expert, but it highlights that your law firm is happy to provide valuable content to clients — even before that first phone call.

Answers Questions to Convert Clients

Your website’s content can be a valuable place to answer questions for your clients. First of all, well-crafted page content answers questions about your firm and its services:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • To which professional organizations do you belong?
  • How do your case studies highlight your work?
  • What is your law firm’s niche?

In addition, good web content leverages long-tail keywords to answer specific, case-based questions from online searchers. For example, instead of doing a Google search for just a “lawyer,” many consumers will search for detailed information like “how much does a personal injury lawyer cost in Minneapolis, MN.”  When clients use long-tail keywords in a search, they’re looking for detailed and valuable information. Providing this information in the form of web content and blog posts can lead to higher conversion rates.

Improves SEO visibility

In addition to utilizing the power of long-tail keywords, there are many other ways in which well-crafted content helps your website remain visible through search engines:

  • Major search engines like Google reward valuable content that is frequently updated.
  • By sharing powerful written content through social media, you can enjoy increased exposure.
  • Frequently sharing new blog posts means that more pages are indexed by Google, improving your website’s visibility to searchers.
  • Optimized page content and blog posts provide an opportunity to promote keywords relevant to your law firm.

Why Get a Professional

You probably recognize the value of well-written content, but you might not be sure if you need a law firm content writing service. Here’s why it’s better to hire a professional than take on this task in-house:

  • Your time is valuable. According to Clio’s Legal Trends report, lawyers on average only spend 2.3 hours on “billable tasks,” which represents only 29% of each workday. Quality content requires time and effort — and should be outsourced to a professional so that you can devote more time to clients.
  • Consistency is key. Your law firm probably experiences an ebb and flow of business — which means website and content maintenance might slip through the cracks during busy times. To keep your content up-to-date and well-maintained, it’s best to work with a professional.
  • Personalized service. If you partner with a quality law firm content writing service, then they will thoroughly research your firm, your services, your niche, and your location. They’ll know how to market your business locally and get you the exposure you need.
  • SEO and best practices. Search engine optimization is a constantly changing field that adapts rapidly to Google’s changing algorithms and consumer search methods. When you acquire professional content writing services, your content will be up to par with best practices in the field.

Mankato Web Design’s Approach to Law Firm Content Writing

At Mankato Web Design, we create content that positions your law firm as an authority — and helps your business stand out from the competition. Not only do our content writing services ensure that your firm is seen as an approachable and authoritative source for legal counsel, but our knowledge of SEO best practices means that your information will get in front of the right clients, at the right time. Want to learn more? Please get in touch with us today.