Improving Your Facebook Ad Revenue

There is no denying the importance of Facebook for companies these days. In the past five years Facebook ad revenue has continued to grow steadily with no signs of stopping. It seems silly not to hop on the bandwagon and get involved in this beneficial traffic. Choosing where to place your ads on Facebook is an important decision as you want to be sure you are targeting your niche. There are 15 different criteria options as well as sub criteria options to choose from. So how can you ensure that you are making your mark in the right place?

Are Your Ads Targeting the Right People?

There are several different ways to do so. One thing you need to consider is the gender. It seems so simple yet many people do not think about doing this. Males and females have different reasons for visiting Facebook and much different needs. Furthermore, only 34 percent of marketers will target by gender meaning that you could get into a niche that others have simply passed by. Sometimes it’s the simple things that will make all the difference to the success of your ads on Facebook.

Another fresh new market to break into is Sponsored Stories, an ad option you have. These are fairly new to the Facebook industry, having only been introduced last year and only 45 percent of marketers in our survey are actually using them. Sponsored Stories do not look like the traditional ad yet they are content focused. What this means is that you can get your message across in a unique way, something that is always good when faced with the tough world of online advertising.

Change your ad every three to four days. Studies show that most ads have clicks that peak within the first 72 hours of going live. After this the ads can become stale and the viewers do not take notice. This is why it is a good idea to change your ad content at least twice a week. Keep your target market engaged and reach more people with minor content changes.

Small and Large Scale Facebook Ad Revenue Success

If you are looking at targeting a smaller audience then another efficient and cost effective option is to look into CPM pricing. Cost per thousand views is more affordable and designed for smaller audiences. If your audience is under 1000, then consider making the switch from CPC to CPM.

Finally, consider getting assistance through ad management software. There are several Facebook ad API partners that can help you transform your ads and increase your ad revenues. If you are working with a larger campaign and need some assistance in managing it, then bringing in a third party is an affordable and effective solution.

These are only some of the ways to really make your ad pop on Facebook and improve your revenue. Getting involved in this industry allows you to reach more of your niche market in a simple yet effective way.