Law Firms are Cranking Up the Leads with Pay Per Click Advertising

Date: Mar 30 2016

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Law firms need advertising in order to drive clients to their practices. One method of advertising is pay-per-click, or PPC. Social media networks, search engines, and business and lawyer directories are among the websites that allow lawyers and other business owners to set up PPC campaigns. These campaigns supplement the organic traffic produced when people visit a website through a social media page or a search engine.

With the help of online advertising professionals, you are able to make sure your ad campaign has the expert touch. Everything from ad setup and consulting to management services can be handled.

Search Engine PPC

The two main search engines that engage in PPC are Google and Bing. They can be highly effective, particularly Google AdWords where the ads appear in the search results. However, the ads may also be listed on Google Maps, in local business listings, and third party websites that participate in Google AdSense. Bloggers heavily utilize Google AdSense to monetize their blogs, allowing your ads to show up on sites relevant to what you are offering.

Bing, on the other hand, has a smaller audience than Google, but it is still effective. Ads that are purchased through Bing show up in both Bing and Yahoo’s search results. Yahoo kicks this up a notch by displaying ads across its editorial properties.

Factor in a Search Engine Marketing professional at the helm and you don’t have to worry about managing your own online advertising campaign. You are busy enough as it is. You have a practice to run, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the technicalities of an online ad campaign. Then again, you can have as much or as little control as you want to have with the proper guidance there with you every step of the way.

Ad Targeting For Attorneys

In order to make the ads effective, law firms are able to use specific keywords and phrases to target their audience. Professional PPC involves generating a set of keywords and phrases that reflect what your practice offers. If you are a personal injury attorney, the keyword set is going to be relevant to personal injury attorneys.

The same goes for criminal attorneys, workers’ comp attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, corporate attorneys, etc. The lists target the less competitive search terms, as well as common search terms in order to maximize the cost-per-click.

Local PPC For Law Firms

The PPC ad campaigns can be targeted toward a geographically specific audience. Being that law firms are serving their local areas, this is very important. If a firm serves more than one location, it is important to have the ads target those locations so that clients can be pulled from all over the area. You don’t want to serve the entire Twin Cities and only pull clients form Minneapolis when you can pull them from St. Paul, Bloomington, and all throughout the metro.

Ad Display Text For Lawyers

Writing ad text is more difficult than it looks because you are only allowed so much text per ad. If you wish to write your own ad text, it can pay to have assistance in this area. It is important that the ads include the terms and phrases that people are searching for so that clicks and leads can be increased, but the text also has to be enticing enough to make a person click. Professional assistance also helps in this area because the text requirements can vary based on the ad company you are using (Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.).

Landing Page Optimization For Attorneys

Landing pages need to be optimized in every way from the layout to the contact in order to increase client conversions. When you increase conversions, you maximize the value of your clicks. In other words, you aren’t just throwing money away so people can click and decide not to stay.

It is ideal to have your landing page customized to coincide with the ad copy. This produces uniformity, but also makes it easy for the visitor to contact your law firm. Your campaign can be customized to ensure each phrase leads to a relevant page on the website, thus increasing the likelihood that they will fill out your contact form or call your telephone number.

The Magic Of Remarketing

It is possible for a law firm to target its advertising to people who have visited their website in the past. This is called “remarketing” and it is an excellent marketing method because people are more likely to react to something they are familiar with. If they are browsing a third-party website that participates in the Google Display Network or they type in relevant search terms in Google, they will see your ad and click simply out of familiarity.

The Power Of The Law Directory

Lawyer directories give people and lawyers the opportunity to connect with one another. People go to the directory looking or a specific type of lawyer and the lawyers are listed there to be found. This can be a powerful link building opportunity for law firms as well, making it a multi-faceted marketing opportunity that comes at a reasonable cost.

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