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We Know Local Minnesota Attorneys.

We’ve been in business since 2006 and worked with hundreds of Minnesota lawyers. We know what lawyers are thinking, what make them tick, and have references for you at the ready. If your law firm website has grown stale or built with a template and does not reflect the professionalism of your law firm, you’ll never keep ahead of the competition.

In the world of attorneys, if you want to stay ahead of the competition you simply cannot afford to get comfortable with what you have now – you should always strive to improve your practice and online presence. We can help you, not only with the items below, but the more then 10 years experience  we have working with local Minnesota lawyers.

  • Custom responsive design website for cell phones, tablets and desktops
  • WordPress content management system to make website updates easily and independently
  • Aggressive local SEO optimization for maps
  • Rank higher on Google with a technical audit, content strategy, link building and onpage SEO.


Minnesota Website Design & SEO For Attorneys

Minnesota Lawyer SEO

Minnesota attorney SEO can be one of the most effective ways of generating a pipeline of new leads. The benefit of search engine optimization in comparison to traditional forms of marketing is that your potential clients are seeking you out – not the other way around as compared to radio and TV advertising.

Search engine optimization takes hard work and time. We don’t use shady techniques like black hat tactics to rank your website higher. There are hundreds of ranking factors that determine where your website will rank on major search engines.

High quality content written on a regular basis to your blog or practice areas is one such technique we employ to rank your website higher. A Minnesota law firm whether big or small often doesn’t have the time to write content. We can be employed to create an effective content marketing strategy and allow you to review the content before its published. We also focus on building links from other websites and setup your website in a way that it loads fast for visitors. Parts of a website that influence search engine position such as title tags, headings, image alt tags and links to other websites are all taken into consideration when we optimize your website.

Minnesota Lawyer Web Design

We’ve worked with hundreds of law firm website design clients since 2006. Our clients choose Mankato Web Design because we know what we’re doing without having to be told what to do. Simply put, let us handle your website and leave the stress to us.

We handle 2 primary types of Minnesota law firm website design projects: new law firm website design and existing website redesign.

Often a new law firm will need a website because a lawyer left an existing firm and wants to go off on their own but needs direction and an expert to help get their foot out the door. Other times, a law firm may start because a graduate is just starting his or her practice. In either case, a law firm needs a custom designed, mobile friendly responsive code, easy independent updating CMS (content management system), complete content marketing strategy, on-page search engine optimization and professionally written content.

When a law firm with an existing website approaches us its often because their website is getting out of date or they’re tied down to a month to month or two year contract with one of the big law firm web design agencies that won’t let them keep their website. Or simply, the law firm wants someone new in charge to take over website management, enhance the design, enable the firm to make independent updates, make the website mobile-friendly, or get the content up to snuff.

What Every Minnesota Law Firm Website Includes

Every website we build begins with a blank slate. We perform an in depth discussion to best determine your law firms services, business goals, challenges, branding, marketing goals and more.

Each project we undertake begins with a discovery call or in person meeting where we learn about your practice and match your goals with a proposal that best suits your needs.

We design each website with responsive code in mind. This ensures that your website will reformat to fit any sized screen from cell phone, laptop to desktop, to various size tablets.

We will manually migrate all your existing content including permalink structure, title tags, meta tags, Google analytics tracking codes and more.

We will perform a manual review of your Google local listing to ensure your firm’s name, address, phone number, and photos are visible in search.

Unlike some of the national law firm web design providers, we don’t host your website. This ensures that you own your website and you’re not tied down to a contract simply to own your website. Never fear missing a monthly payment and losing your website and the pipeline you’ve been building.

Depending on your practice area, we include an easy to use interface for adding successful case results and testimonials so you can keep your current and future clients up to date on your success.

Because your website will be built on WordPress, there’s no limit to the number of pages you can have.

We include with every website one (or multiple) contact forms with Google reCaptcha to ensure you don’t get bombarded with spam and only get leads through the door.

We will connect your website with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, AVVO and more.

We include drop down menus and ability for you to easily add, edit, or delete menu drop downs within WordPress.

We include interactive Google maps so visitors can easily find your office and get directions.

We include a blog so you can keep clients up to date on happenings in your firm.

Dynamic and manageable by you photos that rotate on your homepage.

We build every website with WordPress – the world’s leading content management system and most supported CMS ensuring you’ll have support you need and ease of making updates.

We can create unique layouts customized for your firm for these important pages to reflect content in an easy to read way.

We will conduct an in-person or over the phone with screenshare meeting before or after launch of your new website to train you how to make updates to your site.

We collaborate with a national provider to add a secure portal where your visitors can login and see updates to their case.

We can add the ability for visitors to sign up with their email information to easily connect and stay connected.

We create a professionally designed logo to properly reflect your law practice with potential clients. Your chosen logo can be used not online online but offline for letterheards, business cards, signage and more.

We can have professionally written content crafted for any pages including blogs for your law firm. We will create the content as a draft so you can review before its published. We also provide ongoing support with weekly (or more) blog writing services.

We collaborate with a local video production company that specializes in video interviews with Minnesota based attorneys. These videos can be featured on your homepage, key practice area pages, or attorney profiles to let visitors connect and learn about your practice.

We collaborate with a national credit card processing company that makes it easy to accept payments online with all major credit cards and low transaction fees.

We know your time is busy and you don’t have the time to chat with everyone who visits your website. We have a connection with a national company that specializes in law firm specific live chat to capture more visitors coming to your website just browsing to get more leads in your door.