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Top 10 Ways to Enhance a Website for SEO

Having a fantastic looking website is great, but how it looks is not the only factor that helps it achieve a high ranking for search engine results. The internet is a storm of websites and your raindrop of a website is not going to be found unless there are good Search Engine Optimization practices put into play.

So here is a top 10 list of ways a website can be enhanced for SEO:

Your photos should be large, but they should also be professional.

A thumbnail image on a website is about as appealing as a stamp on an envelope. No one wants to squint at an image to determine what it is. Viewers are even less likely to read any of the text next to a thumbnail image, but large photos can garner some interest.

User friendly with a good flow.

The site needs to be easy-to-follow with information that is easy to find. There should always be a way to get back to the home page and the contact information should be easily accessible from any page.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are everything. If you are an attorney, you are going to get lost in a hurricane of websites if your website only uses the keyword “attorney” to be found in Google. “Minneapolis attorney” is going to work more in your favor. “Minneapolis criminal defense attorney” is going to benefit you even more because you are narrowing it down to specifics.

The infamous h1 tag

The headings on a page are given a lot of weight. In fact, they are given more weight than the rest of the website’s content. They help Google determine which keywords on the page are most important, which is why it is a must to use headings and to choose keywords wisely.

Photos Alt Text

This little SEO helper tends to be overlooked often, but it is a valuable tool. Because Google is blind to text only, it can’t see what that photo is about, so alternative text allows it to see what the photo is about without having to look at the image. It’s another way to feed extra keywords to the website.

Google Places is a great place to be

Google Places offers an area where business owners can advertise the business for free. All you have to do is claim your spot. It is possible that Google has your business listed on Google Places already, but only with the basic information it has found through yellow Pages and other such sites. You can provide your own accurate information and ensure everything is correct.

Web page title

The web page title is the king title of the entire site. It is another spot for a valuable keyword, but it is the area of the page that is going to receive the most respect from search engines. This is the spot where you can make your page explode.

Inbound links

Inbound links can be valuable, but only if they are from authoritative sites. Links from spammy sites are not going to work so much. In fact, they can hurt more than help or have no impact at all. The more links you have coming into the site, the more important Google will see the site. It is possible to find other website owners that will link to you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become even more important in how a website behaves. By properly linking to social media, such as FaceBook, Twitter, and blogs, posts that are made in any of these places can be considered website updates.

Frequent updates

Updating is important. Adding new pages to the website shows Google that it is growing, just as updating the website often tells Google that the information is up-to-date and Google is all about what is happening right now rather than yesterday.

By doing all of these things, your website can be fresh, up-to-date, and it can shine among the sea of websites on the Internet. You will be noticed so your conversions increase.