Project Results

We were able to radically increase the organic traffic to CopperSmith and target specific products for increased sales.  Monthly sales totals have been tracked month over month and compared. Sales overall increased over 300% since we began this project with a multi-million dollar increase in annual sales. To improve the rankings of products we looked at categories which were under performing and products which had duplicated content on the site. We have been optimizing these products by updating the urls, title tags, meta descriptions as well as removing duplicated content and replacing the content with unique information relevant to the product.

  • 37,949 Average Monthly Visitors
  • 55% Increase In Sessions
  • 200+ First Page Keywords
  • 51% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 295% Increase in Social Media Traffic
  • 39% Increase in E-commerce Conversion Rate
  • 29% Increase in Keyword Positions
  • 6% Increase in Avg. Session Duration


Copper Smith

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