Nearly Half of Companies Say Content Marketing and SEO are Highly Integrated

SEO is a big deal. It has been around for a while, it evolves, and web designers and SEOs have to evolve with it.

At one time, content marketing and SEO strategies were considered two different entities. However, SEOs would use content marketing as a method of bringing traffic to a website. Now it turns out that organizations are very likely to integrate content marketing into their SEO strategies than they are with any other form of marketing.

In fact, nearly half of companies say that their content marketing is highly integrated with their SEO strategies.

This information comes from Econsultancy’s “State of Search Marketing Report 2013.”

It is easy to see why content marketing is appealing to the masses because it gives something to talk about. It provides information. Instead of pushing out the same old boring documents and press releases to whoever is willing to read or listen, the audience is provided with quality content and gives them something to engage with. This means that dry copy is dead and engaging copy is alive. People hunger for knowledge and content is how they are going to get it, so it is no wonder that SEO and content marketing have become the perfect marriage in the realm of marketing strategies.

This is backed up by the State of Search Marketing Report 2013 because it took an in-depth look at how companies use various types of digital marketing channels. The most common are SEO (natural search), social media marketing, and PPC. All are effective and all tend to be players within a single marketing strategy. However, all can feed off of content marketing, as content marketing can feed off of them.

The study involved 400 respondents and it covered everything from information on spending to resourcing. It was found that 45% of them integrated content marketing into their SEO strategies, which included all of the other types of digital marketing.

Another interesting trend identified in the study was in regards to the major move away from traditional display ad marketing. Organizations admitted that they are losing faith in the traditional display ad, which tells the experts that the old fashioned banner ad won’t work anymore. Instead, consumers are expecting to receive a consistent experience across every channel. With the many graphics on a page, banner ads and similar old school ads are blending in and not getting the attention that they once got.

Overall, integrating the efforts of various types of digital marketing is a key part to making sure that consumers get what they want. Right now, integrating content marketing into SEO strategies is working and working well.