Keyword Research/Analysis

Mankato Web Design selects keywords for clients based on extensive research and market analysis. Our team researches which keywords, phrases, and related keywords will be best for each individual company’s marketing plan and search engine rankings. Mankato Web Design also researches common misspellings, typos, related terms, and various forms of keywords in order to provide the best keyword selection for each client’s website. We focus on local and national search engine markets. Contact us today to see how we can help grow your business and be sure to see our PPC and SEO results.

In order to provide clients with the information, understanding, and the best customer service possible, Mankato Web Design also:

  • Builds a keyword strategy plan to help incorporate the most marketable keywords into your website(s)
  • Identifies which keywords are being used by competitors, why they are being used, and how competitive the market is for popular keywords
  • Helps clients understand why certain keywords are used
  • Helps clients create a plan for per-click bids according to the client’s budget

Keyword Bidding

After determining which keywords will be the most beneficial for your online marketing campaign, our web design company will also assist you in the keyword bidding process. Keyword bidding is the method used by search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) to determine the ranking and positions of paid advertisements. The highest bidders typically receive the most exposure, and therefore the most traffic.

In order to make the keyword bidding process smooth and efficient, Mankato Web Design will:

  • Provide clients with the information necessary to determine how a bidding campaign will be best used
  • Provide clients with competitive keyword information, such as which keywords are popular, competitive, and which are not being used
  • Help clients set up a schedule for bid up dates
  • Help clients determine a manageable budget
  • Help clients improve click to sale ratio, maintain a desirable budget, and achieve lower cost per click

Keyword Audit

Once a keyword marketing campaign has begun, our web design company will periodically provide clients with a keyword audit. Keyword audits provide clients with current keyword ranking statuses, improvement suggestions, and a way track the campaigns success.

Mankato Web Design will provide clients information on:

  • Which keywords are being used, and which are not
  • Use of typos, misspellings, etc.
  • What keyword categories to pin point
  • Competitive keyword rankings
  • Progress of keyword campaign

Keyword Marketing

Keyword marketing is the term used to describe the research, market analysis, and use of specific words (keywords) to be used on websites and online advertisements. When searching for goods and services on the internet, potential customers type certain words into search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) These words are considered keywords, or searchable terms. The more popular, common, or geographically specified keywords are the more likely they are to show up on search engine results when a customer searches for a term.

It is our goal to provide clients with these terms in order to improve overall search engine ranking as well as provide clients with the most successful pay per click campaigns. Keyword marketing is typically competitive, and the success of keyword campaigns depends heavily on proper research and information. Depending on the market or field keywords may be especially competitive, costly, or in some cases unsuccessful. We provide clients with all of the research, information, support, and advice necessary to run a pay per click campaign as well as a keyword marketing campaign. We provide clients with the information, keywords, and plans necessary to successfully and affordably market their business online every day.


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