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Why Work With A PPC Professional?

Pay Per Click or PPC utilizes multiple channels and measurable tools to track your ROI. With Mankato Web Design's help, you will reach more customers, get measurable results and spend what you want. Our work is done on an almost daily basis to optimize your campaign's performance so that your advertising dollars are better suited towards more conversions.

We only get paid a percentage of the advertising dollars you put towards your PPC campaign. That means the more you spend, the more we will make. We have to bring you business in order to make more. In the end - everyone wins.

What Sort Of Things Does A PPC Manager Do?

We do a lot – but here’s a few things we’ve done lately with clients.

  • Utilizing location reports to further define locations that can be excluded.
  • Analyzing competitor advertisements and spend analysis.
  • Growing conversion rates through landing page testing and A/B split testing.
  • Ad extensions and optimization techniques.
  • Reduction in cost per click techniques by improving quality scores.
  • Increasing click through rates by optimizing ad displays on search results.
  • Eliminate wasted clicks or fraudulent clicks.

Case Study: Local Law Firm Expands

Walker & Walker Law Office

Law is a fiercely competitive industry with large amounts of investment towards SEM/PPC. With our help, Walker & Walker was better able to target new clients and optimize their campaign to reduce average cost per click, reduce bounce rate, increase leads generated, increase conversions, and even hire new attorneys to handle the case load.


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