Grow Your Business With PPC

Your pay per click program deserves a professional audit and review no matter how well you may think your campaign is doing. Give us a shot with a free analysis of your campaign. We can deliver reduced cost per click, increased leads, and superior support.



Our initial setup includes a discovery phone call or meeting to identify your objects, differentiation and competition. We learn about your business, your target areas, your profitable vs. unprofitable jobs, and much more to deliver targeted traffic.
Performing an audit in order to assess the state and needs of the account. If you have an existing PPC account, we can be granted guest administrative access to analyze the performance of your campaign and make recommendations for improvement.
Auditing PPC activity (keywords & ad copy) of your competitors using third party research tools.
Identifying optimal keyword targeting for your targeted geographic area.
Identifying additional optimal targeting parameters e.g. geographic, demographic, etc.
Implementing a highly-nuanced search campaign for optimal performance.
Ensuring as much online real estate as possible including sitelinks, call extensions, structured snippets, and call outs.
Creating an environment for proper A/B testing to identify engaging and effective copy for the business. During our discovery phone call we also learn about your business and some of the triggers that would get potential clients to pickup the phone.
Establishing a high level of visibility of lead attribution in order to effectively measure and increase increase ROI.
Mitigating low quality searches to increase CTR (click through ratio) and decrease average CPC (cost per click).
Rich display ads for remarketing campaigns.
Implementing programmatic fail-safes against 404 issues and performance anomalies.
  • Custom Automation: Configuration of machine learning optimization parameters.
  • Reporting: Creating and scheduling customized monthly reports.
  • Landing Pages: Setting up converting landing pages specific to paid search.


Creating / testing multiple ads against each other to ensure we’re always using the best converting ad copy.
Bidding adjustments to determine the best and most profitable position for each keyword.
Identifying new keyword opportunities based on historical performance revealed in the search terms report.
Refining account taxonomy to ensure the highest correlation between keywords and ad copy.
Identifying irrelevant keywords and block them to ensure that your ads only show for relevant keyword searches.
Leveraging data sets from device types, locations, days of the week, etc. against bids to ensure optimal cost per lead.
Keeping a pulse on the performance of each campaign in order to make intelligent adjustments.
Proactively & regularly scanning every landing page to identify and neutralize any 404 issues.
Identify and respond to key metrics deviations when more than expected from normal levels.
Ensure optimal landing page performance.
Providing monthly reports with detailed charts for quick identifications of trends. These monthly reports are emailed to you the first week of each month as a PDF to keep you in the loop which also include recommendations for improvement.