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If you own or market a business, whether it’s small, mid-size or large, you probably have concerns—about cost-effective marketing solutions, cash flow, attracting top talent and sales growth—that most consumers don’t.  But, like most consumers, you also search the internet looking for products and services you need—and that of course means that you frequently encounter new websites.

And, if you’re like most consumers, you know that experience of clicking on a link and waiting—and waiting and waiting—for the site to load.  Maybe you think there’s something wrong with your computer.  Maybe you think you’ve lost your internet connection.  Or maybe you think the problem isn’t with you but rather with the site you’re trying to access.

But whatever the reason you sit there waiting, one thing is certain—you’re not a happy camper.  That means you’re a lot more likely to hit the back button, abandon that site and move on to another site, in all probability the site of one of that business’s competitors.

Your Customers Hate Your Slow Website

That’s the assessment of HubSpot in a recent game-changing article, “17 Things People Absolutely Hate About Your Website.”

The reason that article resonated with so many marketers is that it confirmed their own experience as consumers.  They know for example how exasperating it is to confront excessive popups, or to slog through sites with weak navigation, or to struggle to find contact information, or to encounter “About Us” pages that don’t say what a business is about.

And those marketers understand why the issue which tops HubSpot’s list of website boondoggles is sites that take what seems an eternity to load, and with HubSpot’s description of why slow load time is what consumers hate most about websites:

“Slow loading time frustrates your site visitors and affects conversion rate and brand perception — especially for mobile users, who are sometimes relying on slower cellular internet connections when browsing the web. How does slow load time impact brand perception, you might be wondering? The longer it takes a website to load, the more website visitors blame the content provider instead of their mobile service providers.  But if you want people to stick around your website, you’re going to have to put optimizing your site’s load performance at the top of your to-do list.”

If You Build It Wrong, They Won't Buy

The point is, marketers understand that slow loading websites can hurt a company’s reputation and brand, but they might not know the extent to which consumer exasperation over slow loading sites translates into lost site traffic, diminished customer satisfaction and, indeed, lost sales.  Several recent studies have shed light on that issue—consider for example these metrics culled from a few of those studies:

  • Approximately 1 of every 2 internet searchers start getting antsy after 2 seconds of load time
  • Almost 50% of consumers will leave a site if it takes 3 seconds or longer to load
  • A load delay of just 1 second corresponds to a more than 15% decline in customer experience and satisfaction
  • A load delay of 1 second costs ecommerce businesses on average almost a full month’s worth of sales revenue

We Can Analyze & Fix Other SEO Companies Mistakes

Simply stated, a slow loading website damages your brand, ramps down customer experience and measurably diminishes sales opportunities and revenues.  If you want to keep your brand and sales growth strong, you need to fix the problem.

The first step is to know the extent of the problem.  You can do that by testing how long it takes your site to load.  There are several free online tools to do that.  One of the best is Google’s Page Speed Insights (just type in your site URL and hit enter).  Others include Pingdom, the URL Compression Test, Google Cache Checker and Dotcom Monitor.

If your site takes 3 seconds or more to load, you need to figure out what the problem is (probably partnering with an experienced website design agency).  Among the issues which could be slowing down your load time are the following 5:

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These are just some of the problems that could be slowing your site’s load time, and in the process damaging your reputation, decreasing site traffic, compromising lead generation and dropping sales.  Of course, fixing those problems can be both complicated and confusing.  Fortunately, we can solve these problems for you.

To learn more about the ways our website design, SEO and internet marketing services can help your business maximize user experience on your website, boosting site traffic, lead generation and sales, contact us today.