6 Key Steps To Your Success

Our main goal is to increase your exposure online while attracting more customers to your door. If you’re looking for superior customer support and more organic traffic each month, get in touch today.



Discovery Process

We begin each website design with a short consultation process. From there, we then collaborate with you to define your goals and develop an effective proposal plan used as a guide throughout the process. This is usually done in-person or over the phone via a screen share.



Website Mockup Phase

We start working on your homepage mockup right after your deposit is received. After you review the design, we then schedule a meeting to discuss your thoughts and input. From there, we proceed with the final design, taking on-board your feedback to deliver a revised concept for your final review.



Coding & CMS Integration

A website design is nothing without comprehensive coding. During this stage, we will keep you updated of your website’s progress and its milestones. We also integrate the content management system during this phase which may be Wordpress or Magento depending on your needs.



Content Integration & Testing

Now for the good part: going live with your brand new website! With your site now coded and tested, we run through your website together to review it prior to going live. This is also the phase where content gets migrated over or added to your new website for final testing and review.



Website Maintenance & The Future Relationship

We may have finished your website, but our relationship has only just begun! We offer ongoing maintenance services at an hourly rate to ensure your new website runs smoothly and delivers without any hiccups. We can also assist you when it comes to updating your new website and using the CMS that you have opted for; saving you time and money while giving you the power to take control of your business online.



Search Engine Optimization

Your new website might be live, but now you have to ensure people are finding it; that’s why we code each website with search engine optimization in mind. We do recommend always an ongoing SEO plan to push the site higher beyond the initial launch.