Pinterest Peeks Female Interest

Pinterest is a fairly new concept in the world of social media. Much like Facebook and Twitter, it allows people to connect through common interests and share their experiences, interests, etc. However, Pinterest is a more visual way to organize ideas and contents online that interest you. It allows you to click on images, phrases or anything you like and then ‘pin’ them and share them. In a sense, Pinterest acts as an online vision board or story board which works with the visually minded audience.

And, according to a recent article on Ad Week, BlogHer has found that this visual approach to social media is especially effective in winning over women.

According to her recent blog, women trust Pinterest more than Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The annual study on the connection between women and the influence on social media found that:

– 81 percent of women trust Pinterest. This is compared to only 67 percent trusting Facebook’s and 73 percent trusting Twitter.

In terms of effective advertising and purchasing sales, BlogHer reports that purchases made on recommendations came from blog recommendations first followed by Pinterest second. Recommendations that came through Facebook and Twitter came in last and second to last.

There are several theories as to why Pinterest has piqued the interest of the female audience. The more visual approach may be preferred, especially when women are organizing a certain topic, such as a birthday party for their child, a wedding or anything else where a visual board allows them to see what they need and where to get it. Whatever the case, this is definitely something to look into if you are looking into a fresh new way to reach your target audience. Pin it.

Pinterest is the New Social Cool

Pinterest is setting its sights high now being recognized as the third most popular social media site after the big names of Facebook and Twitter. This is pretty good for a fairly new social media site. But what does this new found online fame mean for the marketer?

Do these sites really help the retailer sell more and connect to their audience? In terms of Pinterest, the answer is definitely Yes. More female viewers now trust Pinterest recommendations on products more than Twitter and Facebook meaning that if you are not already advertising through this industry, then now is the time to do so.

Furthermore, around 37 percent of online shoppers recognize social sharing sites, such as Pinterest as well as Discoveredd, Fancy, Gentlemint, Juxtapost, and Polyvore. By establishing a Pinterest account you are able to drive sale and traffic to your site and connect your images to potential clients, customers and online shoppers. The visually stimulating world of Pinterest is fast becoming an effective and easy way for customers to shop and for marketers to connect their products to those that need them.