How SEO for Law Firms Will Earn You More Clients

Date: Jun 21 2017

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meshbesherlawfirmIs your law firm website attracting clients? It was not that long ago when a person needing an attorney, for a bankruptcy, divorce or automobile accident, would open the yellow pages and select the nicest ad.

Today, people jump on Google and search for “lawyers near me.” At the top of the search results is a short list of attorneys and law firms, ranked by distance, prominence, and other factors. If you are relying on these profile listings then you are missing out on potential clients. SEO for law firms uses advanced techniques to make you the obvious choice before a person needs an attorney.

The Goals of SEO for Law Firms

The basic goal of search engine optimization is increasing your position within search results pages. However, every law firm with a website is using the same basic on-site and off-site strategies. So, within local results, you are likely at the mercy of offline factors, such as the distance from the user. Only a handful of these mapped listings shown, and there is a good chance your law firm is not one of them. Therefore, advanced SEO for law firms works in conjunction with content marketing to overcome this issue.

When search engine optimization and content marketing combine, it will boost your website’s overall authority, increase your online visibility, create an audience, and convert visitors to clients. While SEO is essential for capturing search traffic, content marketing is necessary for brand awareness, building trust and authority, and placing your legal practice in the forefront of a person’s mind. Done correctly, when a person needs an attorney, they won’t perform a Google search because they will already know you.

How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together

Most law firms share a lot in common with other small businesses. Today, consumers use the internet to search for everything. It is very likely that a person thinking about creating a corporation, filing bankruptcy, or creating a will is going to take some time researching the topic before searching for legal counsel. When they do, they are looking for useful and authoritative information from reliable local sources. You need to have optimized content that fulfills this need. Does that make sense to you?

As a result, a blog is the cornerstone of any SEO for law firm strategy. The goal of a blog is to attract more visitors to your website who are at every stage of the consumer life-cycle and decision-making process. Moreover, each new and optimized web page will help increase your search engine rank. It is not secret that Google loves fresh content and active websites. Furthermore, each new blog article in a new opportunity for a prospect to find you, develop better relationships with clients, and position your law firm as a leader. Regardless, often the big difference between a law firm with a basic 10-15 page website, and one with 150 web pages, is a blog.

Granted, many lawyers despise the idea of blogging. It is a time-consuming process. Nevertheless, writing blog articles is a superior method for increasing web traffic, and creating unique and valuable content is essential for beating your competition. Starting with a list of keywords, topics, and categories you want your law firm to be found with, begin consistently writing about your practice, area of expertise, the law, and your local community. It is through these keywords and topics that people will begin to find you within search results. Additionally, these articles will show off your knowledge and expertise.

Content Ideas for Law Firms

That said, many attorneys have a difficult time coming up with blog ideas. Thinking about your clients and your target visitor, use these blog ideas to inspire you.

1. News Headline and Current Events – Is there new legislation that will impact your law firm and clients? Is there a new and interesting court ruling? How about an amazing and newsworthy court victory?

2. Informational Articles – What kind of questions do your clients regularly ask? Informative articles can help a reader decide if they need a consultation, how the law works, current legal trends and more. If you can provide a unique local spin, that is even better.

3. Announcements and Law Firm News – Did you just open a new office or merge with another firm? Did you win an award or receive some kind of special recognition? How about your pro bono work or community service? Overall, firm-centered content is easy to generate.

4. Showcase Your Expertise – Consider creating spotlight articles for your attorneys and staff. Provide commentary on case studies. Also, take the time to show off recent victories and success stories. Highlighting your team’s talent will help build trust and turn readers into clients.

5. Upcoming Events – Announce and discuss forthcoming events within your law firm or the community. This is the perfect content to build local authority because it can include when and where, the speaker, and reasons why a reader should attend.

6. Top Lists – List articles are not only some of the most popular, they are some of the easiest to write. Best of all, you can create a list for almost anything. You can create the “Top Reasons Why People File Bankruptcy” or “The 10 Mistakes People Make when In An Auto Accident.”

7. Profiles and Interviews – If you are trying to increase backlinks and social shares, these articles can produce a lot of engagement. Spotlight local judges, interview experts, and highlight satisfied clients.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about SEO for law firms, or a related topic, please contact us.

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