Taking Advantage of Google’s Love for Fresh Content

For approximately the past year, Google has been on top of its game when it comes to displaying fresh content on its search engine results pages. Any good marketer is going to devise a way in which they can take advantage of this bias without risking being penalized.

There are some facts that many of us know quite well, they are:

  • Ranking well on Google is important – Millions of websites are trying to get the attention of customers, but just building the website is not enough. To attract genuine traffic, you have to rank well.
  • Know what it takes to rank on Google – Search engine optimization can be complicated, especially when Google implements new updates. Many understand that using professional SEO services will ensure that websites and content are constructed in ways that get Google’s attention.
  • Google loves fresh content – Google loves fresh content, but it loves it even more when it is relevant. Google is such a popular search engine because it gives its users the most relevant results and information on its search results page quickly after a searcher types their terms in the search query. Google’s crawlers are constantly on the move, adding new websites to its index. Saying that Google loves content is actually an understatement.
  • Google loves a lot of content – A five page website these days is not going to cut it. Google respects websites that receive regular updates with content that is fresh and well-written. After all, it is the words on the website that determines the quality of information that the website offers. Regardless of what you offer, it is the website’s content that communicates to website visitors.

When good quality, unique, and relevant content is added to your website on a regular basis, you suddenly become a favorite source of information for Google and your online visitors. Google regards frequently updated websites as valuable resources. Once it makes this determination about your site, Google will send its crawlers to visit your website more often and this will improve your chances of achieving and maintaining top listings for keywords relevant to your site.