Top 5 Ways To Get ROI On Your SEO

SEO’s are a dime a dozen these days and, like car salesman and mechanics, it can be hard to know who to trust and who to stay away from. Which SEO’s are promising the world and actually coming up with something and which are guaranteeing you results with nothing to show for it? When you are looking for a SEO, consider the following five questions that can help you decipher the SEO slime balls from the SEO successors.

1) Does your SEO guarantee results – if so, then you might be let down. No matter how skilled a SEO is, it is impossible to 100 percent guarantee something. If a SEO has promised you a certain amount of visitors or a certain amount of money in a time frame, then be weary. Look for a SEO who explains exactly what he is able to do and what his track record has been in the past. Look for a SEO who is willing to set expectations and work within your goals rather than promising the world. In the end, you will only be disappointed.

2) Does your SEO educate you on the process or leave you in the dark? You may not want an eight-week lesson on search engine optimization but it is always a good idea to be informed on how things are going and what is happening. Look for a SEO who is willing to educate you and demonstrate his level of competence in the subject.

3) Is your SEO constantly updating the process? This is a good thing. It may seem like your SEO is a little scatterbrained but the truth of the matter is, the world of search engine algorithms are constantly changing which means a good SEO has to adapt with these changes. Look for a SEO is that up to date on the recent trends and is willing to be flexible with his plans. If your SEO admits that he is not familiar with something in the field, do not automatically fire him. The important thing is that he is willing to learn and push the limits to get results.

4) Does your SEO have references? Make sure you ask for them. The best way to determine if a SEO is worth your business is what his previous clients have thought. Check websites, make phone calls and uncover the truth behind those promises.

5) Finally, does your provide you with a timeframe? The truth of the matter is, search engine optimization is not something you can simply do, forget about and still see results. You need to constantly tweak your design and stay current on the trends. Your SEO should explain what can be done within different time frames – five weeks, five months, five years, etc. so that you understand exactly what you can expect.

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