Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Posts

Looking to improve your blog posts? Below are five great ways to get the readership, the comments and the traffic you are looking for:

1) Revamp your Title Tags and URLS Format

You want your title to be catchy but you also want to highlight the keywords in your phrasing. This can be tricky. One way to keep your title informative but also throw in the keyword phrase is to make use of your title tags. You also don’t want to discount meta descriptions which appear under your title in the SERPS. Don’t waste the opportunity to rephrase your title and add another keyword phrase. It is also important to keep your URL’s short, sweet and to the point of your content. Try to remain in the 3-5 word range and get rid of any of those unnecessary “its”, “and’s” and “I’s” which are ignored by the search engine.

2) Pull Quotes

You’ve seen this tactic done before – somewhere in an article, the author will take a certain piece of text, make it better, use different colored text and wrap the rest of the text around it and viola, pull quotes! These quotes are eye-catching and break the article apart in the same way a picture does. Furthermore, you can use these quotes to highlight something particularly interesting in your piece to attract readers to the rest… or you could always use the quote as a great way to highlight a specific keyword phrase without looking too spammy.

3) Include Images

Like quotes, images will automatically attract reader’s attention and break up the writing for easier reading. Images can highlight your words and make your page look pretty. But this is not the only great thing about images. Used properly, images can also help with your search engine ranking. You need to use the alt text key to describe the image (placing a keyword in there wouldn’t hurt either). For those trying to sell something, an image is a great way to connect to your visually enhanced customers and for those offering advice through a blog, images can make the posts much more readable.

4) Highlight your Internal Linking

Internal linking is central to any successful SEO campaign. It will connect your posts to one another for the maximum traffic possible. To benefit from internal linking, use a cross-linker to automatically interlink a number of keywords together.

5) Focus on Keyword Research

We’ve saved the best for last and that is your keywords. You always need to focus your posts around a central keyword phrase or two. Once you have an idea about what to write, check out Google Adword Keyword Tool to find the most popular and most relevant keywords to use in your posts. It may only take a couple of minutes but it will be worth the time in the end.

Keep in mind that there are a number of other great ways to update your blog and attract the traffic you are looking for. Contact us today for more information on how we can improve your business or create your company a web presence that will dominate the search engines and deliver results. Call today at (612) 558-1020 for a free phone consultation.