Understanding the Marriage between SEO and PPC

The key to any successful SEO and SEM campaign is to utilize data to make the correct choices. It is important to combine and utilize data from both of these traffic-building practices to create a big picture so that you know what your next move needs to be. SEO and SEM are effective online marketing sectors and pay-per-click advertising can be integrated into them in order to help a website achieve the conversions that it is looking for.

Once a PPC campaign is in place, even it generates data that needs to be evaluated so that the PPC advertising campaign can be fine-tuned to be highly effective.

The Paid Ad

Some website owners and even webmasters make the mistake of believing that PPC campaigns are going to work by themselves. They create an ad, take it live, and they wait for it to bring some traffic in to them that will lead to conversions.

The truth is that, while PPC advertising is a valuable tool, it cannot work by itself. This is where SEO comes in and where you can see why SEO and PPC together results in the perfect marriage between two effective traffic-building practices.

However, a paid listing by itself may not have the click through rate (CTR) that you would like to see. You will see a reasonable CTR percentage, but you are not going to see what you want because the ad is working by itself. Nonetheless, it does provide you with link building opportunities, which boosts traffic.

PPC also helps you with your branding. The presence of ads increases familiarity and ads also produce a feeling of trust in a web searcher. When they see an ad, they see a legitimate company that has something to offer. Some of them will click and some won’t, but as individuals who don’t click see the ad more and more, they become familiar with it. The text in your ad should tell the individual what the business does so that they will possibly turn to your business the next time they need what you offer.

Organic Search Results

Add organic search results in addition to an ad popping up on the side of the page, and the CTR is going to increase a great deal. In fact, the rate increase is seen on a number of different levels. What this means is that you need to ensure that your website is optimized so that it shows up in organic search results.

At the same time and as mentioned before, the paid ad is going to increase traffic to your website. When Google sees a website receiving increased traffic, the site is viewed as being trustworthy. It is viewed as being a source of information based on its performance.

All in all, while a website can rank high on the search engine results page on SEO alone, PPC gives an opportunity to bid on your brand. Plus, you get more clicks. There is also the fact that SEO is not an exact science, but you do want to rank organically to get as many clicks as you can from your targeted audience. This will result in improved conversions.