Unoptimized PPC Advertising Can Cost Big

Pay-per-click advertising is highly effective when done properly through Google and Facebook. However, the key is to making sure the ads are keyword optimized.

Unoptimized or poorly optimized PPC advertising is taking a toll on the wallets of some business.

Sure, it is easy to pick out some interests that people may have, choose a demographic, and narrow down your customer base a few other ways and add in a geographic component. The question is whether or not this is going to create any kind of relevancy? Another question is exactly how many people is this going to reach?

Without ads being created through proper keyword and industry research, the ad may not be relevant at all and the number of people reached may not be many. Then again, the number of people reached may be a lot, but then relevancy becomes an issue again. The ad may be shown to a large population that has no need or interest in what the business is offering. This results in money being spent on fans that are not in the market and building the wrong audience can crush a business’s online endeavors and their bottom line.

Despite how simple PPC advertising seems, there are steps involved. There is research to be done and there is the knowledge of the way the different PPC advertisers work. In other words, there are a number of steps involved and this is precisely why many companies turn to professional PPC marketers to run ad campaigns for their businesses.

For instance, here are some of the steps that may be used in a PPC ad campaign:

  • Use Google Analytics to see yearly trends within the desired geographic area. This gives the data that is needed to identify target areas and when activity in that area increases.
  • The information can be used to construct ads to be especially active during certain times of the year. The frequency of an ad can be controlled based on time of day, etc.
  • Before creating the ads, keyword research needs to be performed to see which industry keywords are performing. It is a must to know what people are looking for so that the ad will come up.
  • The ads do have to have catchy text. There is not a lot of room to explain what the ad is about, so it is important to be creative.

From there, ads can be tested to see which campaigns perform the best so that the information can be used for future campaigns. As campaigns are launched and researched, trends are identified and ads can be altered to fit the requirements of the searchers so that they are more likely to respond to them.