Using Web Videos to Build Your Brand

Video has taken the Internet by storm. You go to a website and you see a video. You go to a news site and there are video ads. The list can go on and on. Through web videos, you can convey a message in a way that is completely different from text and images.

While text and images are important elements of a website due to the fact they must be indexed by search engines so your site can show up properly in search engine results, the video is unique.

However, videos do not always have to be on your website.

It has been proven over and over that placing videos on video sharing sites, such as YouTube, is a very effective form of marketing. You are able to connect with customers and build your brand and identity.

In fact, it is possible to have a video created and distributed across all of the video sharing websites to achieve the most exposure possible. While there are those individuals who like to read about something, there are those that like to watch a video about it. Because of this, you can reach a much broader audience.

In addition to providing consumers with an entertaining video, you are also creating backlinks to your website. Backlinks are very important because they lead individuals (and the search engines) back to your website where they can acquire even more information or they can contact you.

You can also encourage individuals to share the video so that it reaches an even larger audience.

While a website link can be shared, videos have a unique attractive quality about them in that they are more enticing than a simple website link. For instance, videos are shared more on social networking sites between users than links are. In other words, videos can go viral to an extent and this means reaching people far beyond your personal reach. This is similar to word-of-mouth marketing with the difference being the talking is happening on the Internet rather than in-person.

Add shareable videos to your website and you have videos in multiple places around the Internet that individuals can share with their friends and family.